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Electric Fashion Championship
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Electric Fashion Championship (eFC)

Office: Madrid

The ultimate electric racing car meets the most iconic luxury brands, all powered by a sustainable spirit.

The Electric Fashion Championship (eFC) is an electric hypercar racing series that partners with the world’s most iconic luxury brands. An event happening alongside fashion weeks in key cities like New York, Paris, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, or Milan and featuring Hispano Suiza’s new emblem car: the Carmen.

By redefining the future of the luxury industry through electromobility, the Electric Fashion Championship focuses on increasing consciousness towards sustainability, in collaboration with the most influential brands and audiences.

In a world where the concept of luxury is expanding, defining new brand experiences and ecosystems as drivers of lifelong engagement is key. Interbrand partnered with eFC to develop an aspirational brand with a unique market approach, as it’s rooted in racing but positioned at the intersection between luxury, mobility, and sustainability, serving as an accelerator of a cultural disruption between all three worlds

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Beyond a mere high-end event, eFC aspires to generate experiences on and off racing tracks, becoming an iconic brand for anyone with an interest in culture, lifestyle, and luxury. Today the Electric Fashion Championship debuts as a show to soon become a club, a movement, an arena in itself. The brand thus generates an ecosystem for cross-collaboration, positioning itself as a creative engine for those seeking disruption and progressive thinking, and defining a trajectory for growth in soon-to-be-defined business verticals.

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The brand narrative aims to connect with a future generation of consumers in the luxury world. An audience that is more conscious than ever and enjoys being engaged in seamless immersive experiences in the on and off-line worlds. Inspired by the sporty spirit of racing and the sophisticated aura of luxury, the brand expression allows for an adaptable and flexible DNA open to coexisting with other partnering brands.

Using black and white alongside clean and geometrical lines, the identity relies on the use of bright yellow and green to convey energy and sustainable mobility. The classic racing flag inspired a look & feel that, combined with a dynamic use of a variable font family, instills the whole brand world with a sense of excitement and purpose: taking fashion to the speed of life.

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Electric Fashion Championship