What if the dust never settles?

If discontinuity, volatility and disruption are normal, then what are the implications for brands and the people who lead them?

Put differently, what are the possibilities?

Brand has never been more important, but its role has changed dramatically. What used to be about creating differentiation in an age of abundance is now about staying relevant in a context of turbulence.

Business today is incredibly dynamic, challenging some of the most widely accepted constructs in branding.

Our approach combines the three fundamental and dynamic elements in any market – people, businesses, and their interactions.

With this intelligence as our basis, we are able to set an ambition for a business and build in flexibility, meaning you can stay true to your direction while responding to the market.

World-leading businesses think about what the brand stands for, what it stands against and where it should go next.

Interbrand Thinking

Human Truths

Exploring the
changing world of

Ask the Why
behind the What.

Deep human truths inspire
change, ensuring the business
is in tune with people to stay relevant.

We apply this perspective to
uncover what’s happening in people’s lives and,
more importantly, what it

By tapping into 500,000
customers across the world in
real-time, we derive fresh, provocative and generative


Sizing, prioritising,
and de-risking

Do the

Economics inspires change
by creating the confidence to
seize marketplace

We bring quantitative and
commercial logic to decision
making. It is not just about
carrying out traditional
research, but determining the
risks and rewards of ideas and
their likely business impact.

We stress-test our recommendations
using quantitative research,
concept testing, Brand
Strength Analysis, business case
modelling and customer


Creating meaningful
connections with

Design Ahead
of Expectation.

Experience shapes change,
influencing how people

We transform insight and
intent into experiences that change
behaviour and improve the way people
interact with a brand,
a business, or a category.

We ensure that ‘everything
communicates’, delivering the right
combination of desire and
utility in every moment.

Using the power of design,
language and technology we
create experiences that
make life better for
people and create a new

For more than 40 years, we’ve been partnering with global businesses to create iconic moves that transform perceptions and drive business growth.

Incremental moves keep you in the game, but it takes iconic moves to stay ahead of expectations.

What do iconic moves deliver?

Create a new normal

Iconic moves don’t simply meet customers’ expectations – they
shift them entirely, creating a leap of utility and/or desire.

Force a commitment to change

Iconic moves succeed because
they force the organisation to
change from the inside out.

Create a temporary monopoly

Iconic moves set brands apart for a period of time, becoming the option of choice for customers. Depending on their impact and the competitive barriers they create, this monopoly can be momentary – or enduring.

Drive extraordinary results

Iconic moves are not designed to pursue organic, stable growth, but to deliver a surge in results beyond an ordinary pattern of incremental growth. These results may be monetary, or may be another key metric the organization focuses on.