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We know, in the simplest terms, a brand is a meaning system that enables customers to make informed functional and emotional decisions around how, where and when they spend… This has always been the case – but in today’s context, the role of meaning and of connection shifts.

Brands who can create deeper meaning for – and stronger emotional connection with their customers (and the market at large), reap clear and specific benefits, that drive growth – whether this be through accelerated customer acquisition or enhanced retention loyalty; increased advocacy or deeper trust.

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Today, the world’s most successful companies start not with product, but with brand – as their critical growth asset and engine. The brand is a vehicle through which the business can address a range of different customer needs (or jobs to be done) – through an extended portfolio of differentiated products and services. These companies leverage the utility in their brand to drive exponential growth.

Relationships based entirely or explicitly on functional product benefits are vulnerable. As markets evolve, products are increasingly commoditised. A strong brand can usurp or disrupt a strong product, even in the most basic or mundane categories (think toilet paper and razor blades).

Emotional connections, on the other hand – are harder to break. Not only are they harder to break, but they’re also easier to extend.

Think about a personal relationship. When you meet someone who shares your values, helps solve your challenges or needs, or is there for you in the moment that matter, there’s a good chance you want to spend more time with that person – to have them more involved in your life. The same is true of brands.

When we have a strong emotional connection with a brand – when this brand delivers exceptional product, unequalled experiences, and uncompromising integrity – we want to spend more time with that brand. This articulates as loyalty and advocacy.

Moreover, when we have a strong relationship with a brand, we’re more likely to trust them as they enter new spaces – and there’s increased permission for brands with strong emotional connections to build new kinds of relationships, extending reach.

Calibrating a brand’s relationship chemistry

Brands need to show how they care in ways customers want to be shown care.

At Interbrand, we believe there are 5x ways for brands to create meaningful relationship chemistry. We use these 5x Experience Factors to evaluate, shape and structure a brand’s unique capacity too build a stronger, more meaningful relationship, through experience.

Gratifying Interactions

The degree to which a brand’s touchpoints (UI/UX) creates satisfying interactions.

A strong design ethos drives an experience that feels intuitive, consistent and enjoyable.

Effortless Service

The degree to which a brand services its customers’ needs with utility.

The capabilities and features driving an experience that feels relevant, useful, easy and liberating, in the moment.

Undivided Attention

The degree to which a brand gives customers attention when and where they need it.

The support quality that creates an experience that feels personal, appropriate, attentive and human.

Delightful Moments

The degree to which a brad creates unexpected moments of joy.

Signature moments that feel unexpected, distinctive and delightful.

Personal Affirmation

The degree to which a brand affirms and shows appreciation for customers.

A values based experience that feels reciprocal in ways that are specific, authentic and validating.

Where to focus efforts and how to meaningfully activate each factor of course depends on a brands inherent strengths and weaknesses, its competitive context and evolving customer needs and behaviours.

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