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What’s your next Iconic Move?

It takes bold moves to stay ahead of shifting expectations and create category defining results.

Competition, reinvented

The best brands sustain relevance and increase brand value by dropping category norms and addressing human motivations. Culture evolves, customer expectation shifts, someone is already rethinking your category.

Best Global Brands briefing

The most significant growth in 20 years

The Best Global brands are worth +$2 trillion. Brand is more important than ever before. But what does it take to become a Best Global Brand? And what does is it mean when brands become acts of leadership?



How can you manage a successful merger, and leverage this unique opportunity for unprecedented brand and business growth?

Arena Briefing


Connect is both the coursing chase of capitalism, and its most volatile competitive field. In this Arena, the mightiest of brands compete – in a state of near permanent transformation – to be the primary point of connection between people, between things, and between people and things.



In the Move Arena, decisions have become less about “how I get to people, goods, services, and experiences”, and more about “how people, goods, services and experiences get to me” with profound implications for brands in this space. 



The Express Arena is a broad, complex and dynamic space of those products, experiences and brands that address consumers’ fundamental motivation to express identity – as they navigate a changing world.



Play is the beating heart of a cultural revolution. In sports, gaming and entertainment the only hard edge is time. Rapid convergence and fluid boundaries are driving cross-category growth at a blistering pace.