Sounds Like Basketball

How do you get the excitement, energy and attitude of an entire sport – down to one word?

How do you turn a product that’s’ felt like a sideshow,
into the main event?
And how do you do it in a way that speaks to fans,
without relying on language?

With our client FEDCOM, we created a new home for Basketball in Europe.
A streaming platform for live games, and a hub for the culture around the game.

In terms of playing standard – European Basketball is close to the NBA.
Along with crazier fans, more physical play, and more tribal rivalries.
But how it’s packaged and presented – is light-years behind.
The objective in short, was to change this.

The ‘official’ but sanitized way European Basketball has been shown.

A brand as loud as the game it represents – full of on-court energy and off-court culture.

The brand name and idea came from something any basketball fan will recognise instantly –
the ‘squeak’ of sneakers on court.
On the face of it, it’s a tiny thing to fixate on.
But it stood out for us, because it doesn’t really make sense to anyone BUT basketball fans.
A ‘squeak’ is usually negative.
But if you love basketball – it’s the most beautiful sound in the world.

Everything we made was inspired by that micro-moment.
Name. Logo. Design. Sound. Motion.
The energy and attitude of basketball – distilled down to a millisecond.

Since its initial launch in France, SKWEEK has become unmissable to anyone following European basketball. Innovative coverage, celebrity interviews, a purpose-built TV studio, a weekly show with NBA Hall-of-Famer Tony Parker, cross-over events with the world of music and street culture – this is European Basketball re-energized for a new generation.

From studio to live-streaming.

“Facebook” texture – to match the rougher, harder nature of the logo.

Celebrities interviews from basketball and beyond.

On-court comms.
Off-court culture.

One small sound – that’s making a big noise.

If you want to know more about this project, we would be happy talk