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Integrity & Ethics Rapid Diagnostic: pinpoint opportunities for competitive advantage and risk mitigation

Elevating Business Leadership Through Ethical Branding: Shaping a Purpose-Driven Future.

At a time of deep social, political and environmental crisis, people are looking to business as the institution to drive societal change – and to their brands as powerful acts of leadership. Quite simply, the business of business is no longer just business. 

As a result, leaders are expected to make tough calls on complex issues and take uncompromising stances on a near daily basis – doing the right thing and ensuring their organisations “walk the talk”. 

Increasingly, brands are judged, celebrated or undone as a result of acts not ads: it’s what they do, rather than what they say, that shifts attitudes. This entails considerable risks, but also significant opportunities. Integrity and ethical leadership are not only moral imperatives, but also the foundation to mitigate risk as well as build competitive advantage. 

To address these challenges, Interbrand, the world’s leading brand consultancy, and Principia Advisory, the world’s leading advisory group on organisational ethics, have come together to establish the global best practice in Brand Integrity & Ethics. 

Together, we are helping our clients do the right thing and walk the talk. We work with business leaders to align their decisions and their organisation’s conduct to its purpose, commitments and stakeholder expectations. 

Interbrand and Principia join forces in the shared belief that strong brands have the power to shape ethical organisations, and that ethical organisations are essential to shaping strong brands.  

Brands that lead with integrity earn the permission to play a bigger role in their customers’ lives, setting the foundation for sustained and sustainable business growth.

*BusinessDIT (2023)

Taking a stance with Ethical Branding: Purpose to Impact

In an era marked by heightened consumer awareness and social consciousness, the incorporation of ethics and integrity into a brand’s identity and approach is no longer an option; it is an absolute necessity. Brands that prioritize ethics and integrity foster trust, authenticity, and long-term sustainability in an increasingly discerning market.

Interbrand’s holistic approach, steeped in research and insights, ensures that brands not only embrace ethical principles but also authentically integrate them into their DNA and brings them to life in unique brand experiences across all touchpoints.

For this, we have developed our Brand Integrity & Ethics flagship offering: the Purpose to ImpactTM programme. As part of this service, we are bringing together the world’s leading specialists in brand strategy, ethics, and societal impact, and work with C Suite leaders through an end-to-end programme that translates purpose and strategy into measurable impact.

Setting future-proof standards: Best in class examples for digital brand experiences

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