We offer a complete range of branding services, including strategy and design

For fifty years, Interbrand has been at the forefront; defining, guiding and witnessing substantial shifts in the role that brands fulfill—in society, in culture, and in the lives of consumers. While brands have become more crucial than ever, their functions have undergone a profound transformation.

Primarily, thriving brands serve as distinctive identifiers, influencing choices and setting themselves apart. The most forward-thinking brands have progressed over time to offer comprehensive experiences, extending beyond mere products or services.

The advent of the digital revolution marked the inception of the ‘Age of You,’ giving rise to ecosystems—branded spaces that provide seamless experiences, driven by real-time data. In the current landscape of heightened turbulence and volatility, brands are becoming Acts of Leadership—exemplifying both doing things right and doing the right things.

The most prosperous businesses globally comprehend the strategic nuances of deploying their brand effectively—knowing how, where, and when to leverage it across various dimensions to exceed expectations and captivate the market. For them, the brand is not merely a communication tool; it is recognized as a tangible asset for fostering growth.

At Interbrand, we help our clients to understand where their biggest opportunities exist within and across this complex and evolving landscape – providing not just a complete set of tools and services – but also understanding the Red Threads that pull each aspect together, to unlock new opportunity.

When taking on the often diverse challenges within this evolved understanding of brand, there are 11 key questions that frequently arise. To be able to meet the diverse demands of brands on their individual growth trajectories, we have created dedicadet services and solutions to help answer these questions and ulitmately give our clients the confidence to make Iconic Moves.

Do you need a new name and or identity for your company, brand, product or service?

Do you need to optimize your portfolio of corporate, product and/or service brands?

Do you need your brand to reflect your new business strategy?

Do you need to establish how to maximize the business performance of your brand?

Do you need to improve the effectiveness of your customer experience?

Do you need to merge or divest one of your companies or divisions and create a new brand?

Do you need to ensure your employees understand the role they play in delivering on your customer expectations?

Do you want your brand to lead the climate debate and credibly leverage your sustainability credentials?

Do you want to ensure your purpose has visible impact and that your organization operates ethically and with integrity?

Do you need to expand your brand’s digital ecosystem to deliver a unique experience to your customers?

Do you want to build barrier free brand experiences?