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Introducing Merger & Acquisitions

Areas to explore when considering a merger or acquisition

$6 trillion

Volume of global M&A activity in 2021


Of mergers fail according to Harvard Business Review

M&A activity slowed toward the end of 2022 instead of finishing the year with its usual characteristic uptick, due to ongoing inflation and geopolitical uncertainty. However, with experts predicting an acceleration of M&A activity in Q2 of this year, brands are eager to determine where new opportunities lie.

M&A remains a growth strategy for successful global brands, and capitalizing on new opportunities is crucial as economies progress. However, mergers have a failure rate of 70-90%.*

It’s important for brands to recognize that risk and reward are both sides of opportunity. Over the last decades Interbrand globally has been involved in numerous Merger and Acquisition activities across multiple industries from banking to fashion, healthcare to aviation, chemicals to tech and more. We have worked on mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and advised on valuations and consolidations. Recent work includes the spinoff of GSK’s newly named Haleon brand, GE’s spinoffs creating GE HealthCare, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace, and the banking merger for the new brand Truist.

For those ready to take the next step, the following materials will provide a closer look into the vital areas to explore when considering a merger or acquisition.

*(Source: Harvard Business Review)

how to approach your m&A

7 guiding questions
to navigate your brand through the M&A maze

From pre-deal to post-merger, the M&A journey is strewn with unforeseen roadblocks, both internally and externally. Throughout this process, the strategic, cultural and brand implications of merging two organizations are just as important to long-term success as the price of the deal.

So, how can brands navigate through this maze? There are seven crucial questions that they need to consider as they embark on an M&A journey:

What monetary value do the brands bring to the table?

Is it possible to define a shared brand ambition?

Can a shared portfolio improve how to address market opportunities?

Can both brands create better customer experiences together?

Can existing systems for brand governance be combined easily?

Is there a shared view on relevant KPIs for brand measurement?

Can a focus in ESG help to increase the brands success?

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