Made for Makers

Seco are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial tools, specialising in metal cutting.

These tools are incredibly complex, and used in every industry from space exploration, to car manufacture and sustainable energy production.

For their industry, this is an inflection point – where companies either move towards sustainability and tech,
or there’s a real danger they’ll be left to history.

Our challenge was to signal Seco’s new direction to the world.

From: The old image of manufacture, black smoke and engine oil.

To: Something that feels like the future: clean, efficient, optimistic.

We also needed to create a new brand that would work in 45+ countries, live up to 100+ years of history, and look light-years ahead of the competition.

The Logo. The challenge here was evolution.
Moving to something brighter, sharper, more dimensional.
But most importantly, something with a sense of movement.

In our research, we spent a lot of time watching tools in action, close-up. When viewed like this, they really hold your attention the precision, the fluidity, the infinite shapes emerging.

So we used this to drive our creative approach, with the question; ‘Can we replicate the movement and energy of the tools, in the brand itself?’

To do it, we set-out principles:


Literal links to what the business does, but also statements about its outlook and culture.
Which we then applied them every aspect of the brand.

In 3D, we built a suite of new product renders, to highlight the literal ‘cutting-edges’ at the heart of the brand and business – and hero our products rather than hide them.

Made for Makers
This is an industry that doesn’t deal in the abstract.
This is about practical people, getting measurable, tangible, real world results.
And ultimately making a real difference to a project, a business, or the world.
So in a world of talkers, Seco is ‘Made for Makers’.
The line acts as celebration of the kind of people who work with, and at Seco.

Photography. In our factory shoot, we used real engineers not models – to champion the actual people making things – and add credibility.

If you want to know more about this project, we would be happy talk