Defining the next evolution of the GE legacy

A global company with an iconic legacy

In November of 2021, GE announced plans to split up its portfolio of healthcare, energy, and aviation businesses into three independent, industry-focused companies, leaving behind its long-held corporate conglomerate structure in favor of a more flexible and focused approach.

To determine the optimal brand identities and positionings for the three new companies, Interbrand led a global insights and analytics program that blended internal and external primary research with an empirical financial modeling exercise to explore, evaluate, and measure the full range of branding possibilities.

Three distinct entities
with focused futures

Following six months of customer immersion and business stakeholder socialization, we arrived at our brand architecture recommendation: Each company would retain the GE name and monogram as core brand elements symbolizing the GE legacy of innovation, but would incorporate these iconic assets into new names and identity systems to convey their distinct future pathways and newly refocused visions.

With the post-spin brand architectures decided, we then embarked on three simultaneous brand strategy and identity work streams, with Interbrand teams dedicated to each of the three now-separated organizations. The new brands—GE HealthCare, GE Vernova, and GE Aerospace—are designed to build upon the strength of their shared heritage while setting forth their own unique ambitions to meet the most urgent challenges facing their respective industries: from delivering precision patient care for a growing global population, to leading the transition to a sustainable energy future for our planet, to inventing the future of flight for generations to come.

Propelling market value to unseen heights

In July of 2022, the three new brands debuted in the market to excitement and acclaim from customers, investors, and employees. In the days following the reveal, the news received an extensive and overwhelmingly positive reaction across global media outlets.

In January 2023, GE HealthCare completed its legal and financial spin-off with a successful IPO, and has since seen its stock price increase by 33%. Meanwhile, GE Aerospace and GE Vernova, scheduled to complete their full legal separation in early 2024, have seen their combined stock price soar by 62% over the same period.

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