Moody’s partners with Interbrand to develop new brand identity

New York
March 6, 2024

Today, leading global brand consultancy, Interbrand, is proud to share refreshed brand work unveiled by Moody’s, the global risk assessment firm that empowers organizations to make better decisions. The new identity clarifies, elevates, and unifies the Moody’s brand, conveying the firm’s integrated capabilities to a marketplace facing risk that is multiplying and overlapping more than ever.

The process started when Interbrand’s Economics team collaborated with Moody’s on a Brand Strength analysis. The data revealed a key opportunity: unlocking the inherent strength of the Moody’s brand built over its 115-year history could help propel the business to position itself more boldly and clearly as a global risk assessment firm. Feedback revealed that there was an opportunity to leverage the brand’s significant credibility to new areas of risk assessment.

Following Moody’s strategic guidance, Interbrand set out to create a foundation for a more integrated, transparent, and relatable Moody’s brand that would resonate with its audiences.

The new Moody’s Purpose, “To uncover meaning amid uncertainty so that individuals and organizations can thrive,” sharpens the organization’s reason for being. Beyond just driving better business results, their purpose was chosen for its enduring relevance and its ability to connect the deeper value of what Moody’s does to the greater benefit it creates in the world.

The brand’s updated Trajectory of “Decode risk. Unlock opportunity.” provides a clear roadmap for creating a better future for Moody’s customers and employees—and ultimately reach the brand’s new Mission, “To be the leading source of relevant insights on exponential risk.” An updated brand architecture streamlines the global portfolio to ensure it is fluid and functional, enabling customers to more easily navigate Moody’s wide spectrum of risk management solutions.

Based on the strategy, the refreshed brand experience is defined as a Bold, Clear, and Perceptive Brand, executed through a defined narrative, a distinctive tone of voice, and a new design system. Highlights include an updated logo inspired by the original Moody’s ratings manuals, an apostrophe used as an ownable graphic element, and a rich, digitally optimized Moody’s Blue. The result is a reimagined Moody’s—a more cohesive, differentiated, and relevant brand with the confidence to own its category of one—that is firmly grounded in its 115-year history as the leading name in risk assessment.

To ensure that the brand comes to life effectively, a global rollout plan was developed to engage internal and external audiences from the beginning of the process. The brand launch commences with events today in New York, London, and Costa Rica. The New York event was kicked off by Rob Fauber, President and CEO of Moody’s Corporation and Christine Elliott, Moody’s Chief Corporate Affairs Officer.
Daniella Bianchi, Interbrand Chief Strategy Officer, said, “Brand is not only a driver for shifting external perceptions, but a unifying force for building a more integrated organization. Interbrand deployed a broad set of capabilities culminating in a reimagined visual and voice identity that positions Moody’s in a category of one.”

Chris Campbell, Executive Creative Director at Interbrand, said, “Our team was focused on creating an identity that captured the humanity behind the Moody’s brand, while solidifying the company’s bold position as a category leader for generations to come.”

Christine Elliott, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at Moody’s, added, “Interbrand was an invaluable partner in unlocking the full potential of the Moody’s brand as a key asset in our journey to become the leading source of relevant insights on exponential risk.”

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