A taste of Toyko lands in Hong Kong

For further business growth in Asia

Under the group philosophy of “Creating the future “normal” and innovating lifestyles,” MatsukiyoCocokara & Co. is aiming to become the No. 1 beauty and health company in Asia, with over 3,300 stores nationwide in Japan and business expansion overseas in Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

This store was 55th overseas store of Matsumotokiyoshi, and its first Global Flagship Store, which is positioned as a symbol to express the brand concept, provide a cutting-edge approach to customer experience, and accelerate further overseas business development in the coming years. This flagship store was opened in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong’s most core area, where many people are constantly coming and going. The major challenge was how to provide in-store services, create experiences, and communicate the brand to young people and tourists in Hong Kong, who are familiar with Japan but always seek novelty, are digital natives, and are genuinely conscious of authenticity.

The brand concept was translated into actual experiences

Interbrand developed the store development concept “TOKYO CHAOS” based on the brand concept of bringing innovation through “out-of-the-box thinking”. Through workshops with the client, we discussed experience ideas, services, and product development based on flexible ideas.

Such ideas were embedded in various ways in the actual shop. Super-large digital signage boldly installed on the exterior featured the motion logo and an animated concept movie. In the interior, the lighting with pop-colored neon tubes and the effective use of typography transformed the theme into a customer experience with a sophisticated feel. In this way, customers can feel and experience Tokyo today, even while in Hong Kong.

On the grand opening day of the Hong Kong Causeway Bay store on October 21, 2022, a long line of people waited in front of the store to see it open, and the store welcomed many more visitors than expected. The store features a cutting-edge information and private-label brand products from Japan, as well as “NAKED FLOWERS FOR YOU – BLOOMING GARDEN,” an interactive art exhibition that allows visitors to explore the store using all five senses for the first time in Hong Kong. The unprecedented customer experience, which includes a customized digital experience based on AI-based facial analysis data and recommendations of cosmetics suited to each individual, has been very well received by the Hong Kong public.

Iconic Move towards further global growth

With more than 5,500 visitors in the first three days of the grand opening and coverage in more than 1,000 various media and UGCs (user generated content), the shop attracted a great deal of attention and achieved sales well in excess of expectations.

Matsukiyo’s Hong Kong flagship store is off to a good start on its way to becoming Asia’s No.1.

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