Building Better Together

The challenge: make an impact in the building industry and in the society at large.

Founded in 1968 Sassuolo, the most important ceramic district in the world, Kerakoll is an Italian leader in sustainable building materials. Kerakoll’s products and solutions have always stood out due to the winning combination of cutting-edge technology and an environmentally conscious approach. This spans across three lines: laying, construction and decorative solutions. Moreover in 2023 became a B-Corp, and as one of the first players in the industry to gain this recognition, the certification represents its commitment to a new business model that aims to generate economic, social and environmental value.

With the desire to create impact by redefining its role within the competitive landscape and society at large, Kerakoll partnered with Interbrand to disrupt the industry paradigm and evolve its brand and business. The result: shifting from being a building material supplier that fulfills functional needs and focuses mainly on B2B targets, to an aggregator of people, products and services within the industry.

In close cooperation with all company functions, Interbrand structured customized processes for Kerakoll through an inside-out and outside-in approach.

“For us, process is content: a robust and engineered process is pivotal. That’s why we’ve always worked collaboratively with the Interbrand Team to structure the best journey for our needs.” – said Alessandro Dondi, Brand Marketing & Communication Director, at Kerakoll Group.

From a material supplier
to a platform for trust, efficiency and excellence

Interbrand first redefined the brand’s strategic directives through conducting comprehensive insights research, thus understanding who Kerakoll is, its status quo and its future aspirations. The creation of an online community has then allowed to delve into and substantiate “the why behind the what,” thus establishing deep connections with current and potential customers.

In a highly fragmented and complex sector such as construction, Kerakoll has the ambition to evolve from being solely a material supplier to become a platform for trust, efficiency and excellence.

Championing valuable relationships becomes key within the brand strategy: with the desire to transform the usually painful building process into a pleasant experience for all, Kerakoll exists to connect the best B2B and B2C stakeholders along the value chain, and ultimately build better places to live. “Building Better Together” sums up the new brand trajectory and becomes an internal and external guide for how business decisions are made (i.e., developing new services, solutions, technologies and initiatives).

The brand evolution and desired impact were also reflected on an experience level. Interbrand supported Kerakoll in rethinking the whole offering architecture and packaging system, as well as in redesigning its logotype and visual identity.

Pioneering new visual codes

In a mainly functionality-driven industry, the team also worked to innovate Kerakoll’s visual and verbal system. The narrative focus, centered on benefits for people, was fueled by experimental visual (collaborations with art photographers and illustrators) and experiential (new immersive ways to discover products and innovative services) research that explores the intimate relations between humans and the places where they live.

Interbrand enhaced the design-led product category to enhance the brand’s relevance, by developing the packaging for its line of decorative grouts —Fugabella Color—which became a flagship product within its offering.

An engagement program to foster growth from within

To foster external brand relevance, it was also pivotal to work on Kerakoll’s internal dimension and strengthen a sense of leadership and engagement. That’s why, Interbrand developed in close collaboration with the client the K Program, a brand engagement initiative, to delve into people’s varied needs, aiming to reshape the corporate culture, establish a shared vision of how to work, and position individuals as pivotal in steering Kerakoll’s growth.

“Interpreting the future and designing the right strategic moves is of utter importance. Interbrand is a trusted partner that supported us in playing a more meaningful role in people’s lives” – added Alessandro Dondi, Brand Marketing & Communication Director, at Kerakoll Group.

At this time of crisis and turbulence, brands are acts of leadership.

Through this work, Interbrand strengthened Kerakoll’s brand relevance internally and externally, supporting the brand in having a greater impact in everyday life and society at large.

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