Breaking Free From Stereotypes

Beyond a Spanish language streaming service

For decades, Univision has elevated Latin culture through diverse Spanish-language programming across North America. Interbrand was challenged with creating the brand for a premier Spanish-language streaming service for a global Latin audience and ultimately an icon of Latin cultures.​

A brand to call our own

Inspired by insights garnered from a community made of over 800 consumers across eight Spanish-speaking markets, the importance and understanding of diverse rich cultures was paramount for this audience. ​

​A market specific Demand Space Segmentation, that maps viewers’ unique needs and behaviors, created a roadmap that connects the ViX brand strategy to real consumer experiences and opportunities. This was used by a variety of Univision teams for targeting, messaging, market entry, and taking on the competition moving forward.​​

This segmentation became the key to activating future growth by connecting the ViX brand strategy to the launch and execution strategy. ​​

Built on a desire from the target audience to have more access to the best entertainment, greater representation of themselves and their communities, Interbrand built a brand that is positioned to break free of stereotypes, illuminate diverse stories and storytellers and deliver ​​
endless entertainment.​

Defining the experience of celebration

Una celebacion con los tuyos  (A celebration with you and yours) embodies the spirit and experience of the brand. No matter how or where the audience connects with the brand, it always feels like a celebration with what and who they love most.​​

​The Interbrand team designed a logo that telegraphs passion, warmth and personality. As this brand is the life of the party, an inviting mark with round edges that is personal, approachable paired and grounded in confidence was created.​

As a brand built on celebration, the voice and motion identity is built on three principles that drive the visual and verbal style and content.

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