Saudi Telecom Company (stc)

A thriving society, moving forward

Starting a cultural revolution

stc, a telco leader and one of the most valuable brands in the Middle East, is (together with the country) going through a moment of cultural change that’s faster and more relevant than anything the region has ever experienced.​

This is not just a cosmetic change, but a cultural revolution. The economic and social transformation of the region has driven a new business strategy for stc, which was to pursue the ambition of:

— Reinforcing stc as a digital innovator that transcends the telco business.​

— Transforming stc from a local player into one with large regional influence.​

— Build stc into one big family; simple, clear and meaningful. From different brands within the portfolio, to one family with a singular experience.​

— Turn stc into the company that leads the change into the future and the one that tells a new story that engages with the new generations.​

Customers used to perceive stc as a large brand with a state heritage – one that was distant and slow. Today, faced with new, up-and-coming telco players and changing customer expectation, it needed to evolve.​

In order to prepare the stc brand for the future while maintaining its authenticity, it was necessary to define a new, clear and meaningful vision.​

And it needed to evolve its whole brand portfolio from various siloed brands, into a core, monolithic architecture with an interdependent section dedicated exclusively for the B2B segment.

The business of enriching lives

Interbrand Madrid helped stc achieve this evolution with a refreshed identity and brand strategy. The brand was entering new categories, (such as FinTech, entertainment and healthcare) it needed a clear sense of purpose, and we helped unify stc under one brand.​

We helped them refresh their corporate culture and gave stc a newfound purpose: “To be in the business of enriching people’s lives” and new values (drive, devotion, dynamism). This is reflected through the new visual identity – as well as the aural identity – with new sonic branding (that was recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios).​

Their promise of driving society forward isn’t just conveyed through a new identity and refreshed communications, but the promise extends internally too – as stc have been promoting a strong commitment to this social transformation with its employees.

A leader beyond the telco category

stc has radically transformed its brand and business by going from a telco provider to become a digital leader that can compete in other industries such as fintech or entertainment. The stc rebrand showcases the region in a way that has never seen before – breaking down the negative stereotypes that have been traditionally associated with the Middle East in favour of a more positive outlook on modernity, innovation and digitalization.​

The stc brand can now be seen as a conduit for people to express and expand their possibilities at the touch of a button.

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