POLIMI Graduate School of Management

Shaping Purposeful Futures


POLIMI Graduate School of Management is the Business School of the world-renowned Engineering and Architecture University Politecnico di Milano. Triple Crown accredited, and the first Business School in Europe to be awarded a B Corp status, it is ranked amongst the top 100 business schools world-wide and no. 6 in the FT Online MBA Ranking 2022.

Founded over 40 years ago as MIP Politecnico di Milano, the school enjoys a proud heritage of academic excellence and the highest quality technical and analytical management training.
Following a new strategic path initiated in 2020, Interbrand was asked to align the brand and experience with its new Purpose of shaping better futures for all.

We wanted to create a brand that truly reflected the school’s ambition and vision, its human-centred approach and the passion that is core to its thinking.

After extensive insights research extending from competitors to internal and external audience perceptions, their desired and needs within higher education, we identified a space the school truly could own, leveraging its passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, with a modern future-focused approach where people are the protagonists, driving innovation.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management’s identity and experience had to reflect who they are, who they want to be, how creating purposeful connections and experiences is at the centre of what they do.

It became clear that the old name ‘MIP’, an acronym dating back to its first founding course, wasn’t representative of who they are today. We created an architectural and naming analysis to select the most promising, and authentic options. Leveraging its proud history and connection to the Politecnico di Milano we felt it was important that the closeness with the University was clear, while still asserting its independence as a strong Business School, resulting in the creation of POLIMI – Graduate School of Management.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management, Logo.


Grids, Layouts, Compositions.

Digital Brochures.

Design System: foundations, components, prototypes.

Website: gsom.polimi.it.


This represents a very important development for our School, part of the great journey of change that began in 2020, when we redefined our purpose and core values and launched a new strategic plan.

Working with Interbrand has been an amazing journey, a path of listening, analysis and co-creation that involved hundreds of students, alumni, prospects, and corporate and institutional #partners. I am glad I had the chance to be part of this journey and I am extremely proud of the work we have done together as a team.”

Sergio Oliveri, Chief Communication Officer at POLIMI Graduate School of Management

When creating the new identity, visually and verbally, we wanted to ensure that it reflected the vibrancy of the school and its innovative approach. Starting from the vision of who they are, a foundry of experimentation, a place for makers, we designed a language that distils all these unique traits.

The condensed typography, with its practical, functional look that stands out, is rooted in the editorial world and pays homage to the relevant content they create and share every day.

The logotype is a flexible item, characterised by a circular “O” representing the school as the hub, the centre for handmade futures.

The colour palette allowed us to express their diverse, human side. The classic Politecnico’s heritage blue is enriched by touches of warm green and brick red, reflecting both their care for the environment we live in and the architectural details of the new Navigli Campus, with an unexpected dusty pink adding a twist of warmth.

With the vision of a holistic brand, Interbrand also created a new exciting digital space for POLIMI website. It began with a deeply considered information architecture that defines a clear sitemap for a customer-oriented navigation system. Then, prototyping user flows and pages, the new brand identity evolved into a design system of foundational components that will ensure consistent cross-device branded experiences.

Thanks to Education we have the opportunity to make our world and what we know a better place…  for us and for the next generations.”

Alessandro G., Italia, studente MASTER

The new brand will help POLIMI further strengthen their position as one of the foremost engineering management schools reaching new targets and growth, creating lasting impact on business, future leaders, and the world.

POLIMI Graduate School of Management along with its new identity was launched on 5th May 2022. A great new chapter in its outstanding history promises a Business School truly for the future, continuing its inspiring path of innovating for a better world.