The first premium multi-brand experience for bikers


As any Vespa owner will tell you, motorbike owners are an entirely different species.

So, for Piaggio, which offers Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, and of course Piaggio itself, catering to those different types of customer in the same space was a challenge. Plus, the experience at dealerships, which Piaggio didn’t own and couldn’t control, often undermined its premium positioning.

We worked with Piaggio to create Motoplex, a premium retail and lifestyle experience for riders, which revolutionized customers’ expectations of dealerships in the category. The concept was versatile enough to suit a variety of events, scalable enough to fit into spaces of different sizes, and modular enough to pack up and move as needed. The space became as much an entertainment venue as it is a showroom. And, as visits to out of town industrial estates were no longer required, the city-based lounges attracted new people into the category through their theatre and storytelling and created a “house” where both types of brand – and both types of customer – could co-exist harmoniously.

Motoplex retail space

Motoplex was launched in 2014 on the Vespa World Days – an event that brings together Vespa Club representatives from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and USA. In 2017, Motoplex had 200 stores. One year later, they expanded to 300. In late 2018, Piaggio reported that the “Motoplex formula” has directly influenced their growth partly through a significant increase in sales of accessories and merchandise. For Piaggio, Motoplex became a two-wheel revolution.