People at the heart of brand evolution


Invicta is recognized as a pioneer in the backpack market, having transformed an accessory into an object that reflects an individual’s identity and a feeling of belongingness; now more than ever, Invicta has locked in its position as a lifestyle brand.

In the 80’s and 90’s, Invicta’s backpack grew to be an iconic and beloved must-have accessory for young people, so much so that its flagship product, Jolly, has been counted among Italy’s “90 Most Iconic Italian Products”. The brand was able to build upon this legacy, gaining relevance through new products and a fashionable clothing collection.

Invicta’s success continued over the years; with its inspiring story, the company was determined to maintain its key role in the industry and keep moving it up. That’s why Invicta briefed Interbrand on a wide-ranging project to build its relevance for a more adult audience, capitalizing on its heritage – without relying on a sense of nostalgia – and transforming its business into an icon of contemporary style. In terms of markets, the aim was to internationalize the business by opening up to new audiences, with a particular focus on Europe.

To achieve this goal, it was crucial to start with Invicta’s core audience, specifically, the young generation. Through a process of co-creation with potential target groups, Interbrand and Invicta defined the key insight that would serve as its starting point: “there is something extraordinary seen in the everyday lives of ordinary people”. A strong and bold assumption, which connects with people.

To consolidate the link with consumers, the products became a central touchpoint and a key tool for the success of the transformation project: Invicta would grow from its roots to expand to other related categories to recreate a universal image. But to be the emblem of the extraordinary in people’s everyday lives, Invicta also needed to review its own expressive style.

Interbrand updated the brand’s historical colours and codes as emblems of the wonder and irony we all experience in our routines. The brand experience was renewed, but not overturned, so as to not betray the authentic spirit of Invicta: visual and verbal communication codes, digital and social channels and the product’s style became the vehicle for an ironic and irreverent brand concept.

Enjoy the ultra-normality of everyday life and go beyond expectations. We focus on what matters and nothing more, offering an experience that transcends function and form, giving everyone easy access to the things they need, anytime, anywhere. Embrace the ultra-normal and never look back.”


The rejuvenated Invicta brand was therefore the primary accelerator of the company’s business plan. With an extensive quantitative analysis of target audiences and markets, Interbrand tested, validated and guided the ambition and trajectory of the brand. We explored pricing, product and experience alternatives to assess which combination was most likely to increase turnover. Hence, Invicta’s recent partnering with luxury fashion brand Dsquared2, which has led the brand into a new world – premium and fashion – but in a fitting and consistent manner.

We should not pretend to be something we are not: being normal is what makes us special. It’s OK to just be ourselves.”

Invicta customer