Natura &Co at the forefront of a new beauty era

Natura &Co

Natura &Co

Office: São Paulo

Natura, an icon of sustainability in the Brazilian beauty market, acquired 2 other brands, The Body Shop and Aesop, in 2017. The newly born group sought to establish its expertise in beauty, combined with the fight for a better world. The challenge was to develop the corporate brand that could represent these 3 iconic brands, further acquisitions, and their shared values.

For naming, we found the perfect synthesis in the name Natura &Co. Natura, in addition to being the facilitator of this union, is a universal recognition term for “nature” or “essence”; the “&” symbolizes the sum of strengths that this new group gathers; and the acronym “Co” alludes to “collaboration”, “coexistence”, “connection” and “understanding” – central themes in the contemporary world and essential elements of this new group ethos.

By having a name filled with so many meanings (Natura &Co), we sought a timeless, simple, and elegant solution for identity design. The typography, clean and clear, was specially designed and pays a simple homage to the Natura brand. The visual universe was created from a single graphic element, the “key”, symbolizing the coexistence of Natura, Aēsop and The Body Shop, and expressed through a chromatic palette inspired by nature.

As a result of this successful union, Natura &Co purchased Avon, in 2019, complementing the group’s portfolio, turning them into one of the largest and most valuable beauty groups in the world.