GE Aerospace

Introducing a new era of flight

Configuring a new flight plan

For over a century, GE has been a paradigm of the diversified conglomerate model, leveraging the strength and elasticity of its parent brand to build industry-defining businesses that meet the world’s most pressing needs.

By 2021, the world had changed. Investors were questioning the value and efficiency of corporate megabrands spread across disparate sectors, instead seeking more agile, streamlined companies with a clear industry and customer focus. Meanwhile, the aviation business was seeing new entrants to the industry, adding to the already highly competitive landscape.

In November of 2021, GE announced that it would spin-off its businesses – in aviation, energy, and healthcare – to become three separate public companies, effectively ending the era of the monolithic GE corporate brand.

The decision raised a pivotal question— namely, what role should the GE brand play in setting each new company on the surest path to future success? To help answer this question, GE partnered with Interbrand on a collaborative research and design process to determine the optimal brand architecture for each future company.

“Each of our new brands are industrial powerhouses that have a huge opportunity to serve our customers, serve entire industries, and drive real change in the world. It’s incredibly exciting and humbling to help shape what the brands will be for these ‘triplets’ as GE evolves from one company to three,” says Linda Boff, the Global CMO of GE.

Inventing the future of flight

To meet this challenge, we developed an empirical, data-driven approach to first guide the decision as to if, how, and where to leverage the GE brand post-spin to maximize value for each new company and minimize risk to the brand overall. Through a global research and immersion process with over 2,200 customers and nearly 3,000 GE employees surveyed, we explored and evaluated a comprehensive range of 29 potential brand architecture scenarios. To test these scenarios in a quantitative, objective fashion, we then conducted a series of business case modeling simulations to calculate the net-present value of the expected future EBIT flows generated by each brand solution, both in isolation and in combination with the other two companies.

The results made clear that the enduring legacy of trust, confidence, and innovation built into the GE brand made both the name and the monogram invaluable assets for GE Aerospace to retain moving forward. This strategic decision enables GE Aerospace to build upon GE’s powerful equity to springboard to its own future growth.

The brand strategy captures the spirits of the employees — determination, ingenuity, passion — and infuses a renewed sense of possibility.

The name, GE Aerospace, signals an evolution. It indicates GE Aerospace’s focused commitment to partner with the world’s airlines, airframers, and militaries to invent the future of flight.

To determine the optimal way of organizing the GE Aerospace portfolio, we further immersed ourselves in a nine-month process with business and brand leaders. The new architecture is largely Monolithic, with Endorsed logo exceptions for specialized portfolio brands. This broadens the GE Aerospace narrative by linking offerings under a strong parent brand, while preserving existing equities and mitigating customer risks. With a connected portfolio, GE Aerospace is positioned to build on its long legacy of firsts; maintain its strong tradition of excellence in services, systems, and engines; and develop emerging technologies that will uplift future generations.

The new GE Aerospace brand is built in the spirit of bold exploration and is underpinned by the brand feel — the art of engineering, distinguishing the brand experience through bold, inspired compositions and celebrating the dynamic human ingenuity and expertise that drive innovation. The brand identity signals an evolution of an enduring industry leader and strongly communicates GE Aerospace’s refocused vision of inventing the future of flight for generations to come.

The GE Monogram remains as an iconic brand signature, grounding GE Aerospace in its legacy as a globally trusted leader in safety, quality and reliability. The new wordmark, designed in a condensed type and customized to create uniform spacing between each letterform, reflects its technical precision and commitment to enabling rapid, streamlined navigation across the globe. A clearly codified messaging system amplified with a Trailblazing, Insightful, and Candid tone of voice ensure that the brand is communicating clearly to its customers. And its signature brand color “Atmosphere blue” deepens and enriches the heritage GE blue with power and purpose, inspired by bold exploration to the upper limits of the horizon.

Boldly exploring

In July of 2022, GE Aerospace debuted in the market along with GE HealthCare and GE Vernova to excitement and acclaim from customers, investors, and employees. In the days following the reveal, the news received an extensive and overwhelmingly positive reaction across global media outlets:

  • An exclusive interview with The Wall Street Journal drove home the spin-off strategy, followed by over 350 articles in top-tier international, trade, and local publications
  • The news became the top trending announcement on Business Wire, with nearly 17,000 views of the press release, and 23,000 views of the new logos within the first 48 hours
  • The reveal event also saw the largest assembled internal audience in recent GE memory, with 36,000 employees viewing the announcement at over 30 global sites, broadcasted live from four locations in Boston, Schenectady, Oslo, and Farnborough.

At the Paris Air Show 2023, GE Aerospace’s bold identity garnered extremely positive sentiment, leading traditional and social media share of voice. The success includes major deals with Riyadh Air, Garuda Indonesia, and China Airlines.

Media Response


Transform Awards North America 2023:

  • GOLD – Best Brand Architecture Solution
  • GOLD – Best Brand Development Project to Reflect a Change of Mission, Values or Positioning
  • GOLD – Best Visual Identity from the Engineering and Manufacturing Sector
  • SILVER – Best Implementation of a Brand Development Project



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