The perfect harmony between form and function


In Brazil, Duratex is synonymous with wood panels. The company, which started 70 years ago with this single product, also has within its portfolio another 5 iconic local brands, recognized for their quality and design – Deca, Hydra, Ceusa, Portinari and Duraflor, ranging from faucets, sinks, showers, ceramic tiles to unique hardwood floors.

As Duratex was both the name of the company that housed its entire portfolio and the name of one of its brands, it became necessary to create a mother brand that would stand out from the rest and have clarity of its roles – not abdicating from its strong and established brands.

Changing the name of a company with 70 years of success is a great challenge so to accomplish it we had the participation of all decision makers, finding in the name “Dexco” the perfect solution.

“Dex” is the minimalist form of the former Duratex name and “D” is also the first letter of its most iconic brand, Deca.

We then set that Dexco would have as a premise and a promise the role of creating environments with design that touches the soul, avoid any waste, and bring a positive impact.

Dexco is the sum of the beauty of shapes, colors, textures, and the ease of operation that produces the best environments for everyone.

Dexco represents the harmonious coexistence of form and function.

Having established the creation of Dexco, the time has come to evolve its entire portfolio. The challenge here was to create a link between all brands, both between each one of them and to the new corporate brand, without neglecting its uniqueness and relationship with the target audience.

So, for Deca, we reinforce its properties: sophistication, design, and quality.

For Portinari, we brought the mixture of its connection to art, the geometry of its patterns and the elegance of its application.

For Hydra, we gave personality and dynamism to solutions that warm up life.

For Duratex, we intensified and reinforced its pioneering spirit.

For Ceusa, we brought the creativity of the products to its expression.

And for Durafloor, we illustrated its role as the foundation of all beauty, bringing the sophistication and innovation that the brand brings to its category.