Creating a united insurance powerhouse


Following a series of acquisitions, insurance brand RSA found itself losing influence. By redefining the portfolio architecture, we created the strong RSA brand of today, establishing the face of a united, global insurance group.

Although respected by brokers and commercial consumers, with a portfolio of 50+ brands across 127 countries the role of the RSA brand was unclear. An immersion into the entire portfolio revealed the key insight: by having fewer brands, this would clarify the position of RSA and its relationship to the group brands.

Visual identity shown on tablet

Through a process of rigorous investigation, half of the total brand portfolio was streamlined. To amplify the redefined RSA brand we evolved the masterbrand visual identity. With bold colours and a refreshing style, it acts as the powerful tool which establishes a common, visual thread across every brand in the RSA group.

The overhaul has proved to be a great success. Visually, all of the group brands now reflect the RSA master-brand system, clearly identifiable as part of the same family. Commercially, RSA is now one of the top five commercial and personal brands within the insurance market, experiencing a consumer opinion score increase of 17%.

RSA master logo

Visual identity across promotional materials
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