Climate balance, once and for all

In this climate crisis, we all feel contributing to its mitigation through our daily behavior it’s not enough. Truth is that current actions are either inefficient or insufficient and the constant deterioration of our planet makes it crucial we develop new initiatives to ensure climate balance.

ClimateCoin was born to empower individuals to contribute to the fight against climate change. Through a decentralized financial ecosystem that allows the digitalization of carbon credits, ClimateCoin lets any individual buy high-quality CO2 tokens that enable participation in companies or projects whose goals are to preserve our environment.

Built through a carbon-neutral blockchain infrastructure, ClimateCoin funds solid and impactful projects aligned with Core Carbon Principles (CCP) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Although the message behind the brand is powerful, ClimateCoin was falling short in communicating and engaging audiences effectively. The existing brand narrative was lacking a compelling message and call-to-action proposition, it was trapped in a sea of sameness among other cryptocurrencies and brands of the financial sector.

ClimateCoin partnered with Interbrand to define a roadmap of moves towards a new ambition: Climate balance, once and for all. We reimagined ClimateCoin as a connective tissue that brings together environment and investment, communities and institutions, people and technology, through a bold and inviting brand.

The renewed brand expression translates this ambition into a visual universe inspired by the ‘breathe’ concept, which populates the touchpoints through a simple key visual: the swipe. Using sleek and bold geometrical strokes, the logo synthesizes key primary messages (earth, people, tokens, action) in a simple and intentionally primitive way.

Wiped-out words and shapes, inspiring “green” photography, and bold and simple messages in a clean sans serif font are also part of the new brand universe.

The new expression succeeds in moving away from the traditional codes of the financial and crypto sector, getting closer to its ultimate purpose and people’s real interests: to take action and unleash a global movement that neutralizes and reverses the climate threat once and for all.

The new brand was launched at the Earth Day Climate Action Summit in Miami on April 22nd, 2022.