Creating Chile’s largest care network


Achs is a Chilean private non-profit association with over 65 years of experience and the country leading mutual health company. A practically unprecedented category in the world, supported by a national law that determines that every company should pay insurance for its workers.

Achs’ insurance operated over the years guaranteeing support to all insured workers, providing medical care and economic benefits in the event of an accident or illness caused at work. Achs also had already its own and robust health system with more than 80 Health Centers spread across the country, a Hospital del Trabajador and more than 7 clinics in different regions. Finally, they also also had as part of its portfolio ESACHS, a company responsible for prevention, health, and patient transport services.

Achs’ growth and positive results in health, in contrast to Chile’s system that still has many gaps to it, made the brand decide to start studying ways to be part of the solution that the country needed in health and people care. With that, a new ambition came naturally: to make Achs’ health system available to everyone (not just affiliated workers), bringing health services at affordable prices, in a network where everyone is welcome.

Brand architecture

Our purpose with the brand architecture project was to define a solution capable of making Achs’ ambition viable, reflecting its offers to its various audiences in a clear and organized way, particularly to affiliated workers, contracting companies and patients.

For the new defined architecture model, the company now has a master brand, Achs, and three sub-brands: Achs Seguro Laboral, Achs Salud and Achs Servicios.

The master brand now presents itself as the largest care network in Chile, present at work and throughout life. While its sub-brands gain their own value proposition, each one relevant to the market in which they operate.

“Vive el Cuidado” is the promise that accompanies this evolution. It expresses Achs’ genuine vocation for caring through all its services, from prevention to recovery. It is also an Achs commitment to promote accessible care that more people can experience, and an invitation for people to better take care of themselves.

Brand expression

For identity, the first step was to think about the sensations we wanted to bring to people. These ideas involved attributes such as vitality, presence, care, security, and optimism. Without neglecting its history value and the trust transmitted for over 60 years.

From these premises, we evolved the entire identity system, starting with the logo. We understood the importance of respecting the brand’s most recognized asset: the green square. However, we gave it more joviality, choosing a lighter and more vibrant shade of green and rounding the square corners, demarcating the brand’s desire to modernize and communicate an evolution. A subtle move, but a very significant one. A significant change in typography accompanies this movement: the upper case, previously distant and imposing, becomes lower and more accessible.

We created a visual system that strengthens Achs as a network, but also allows differentiation between its services.

The graphics come from the new rounded corners of the logo, either accommodating the photograph or composing patterns and graphic details. This movement also inspired the icon construction and the illustrations base forms.

The brand evolution also brought a new approach to Segurito, an iconic character of the brand, with a big capacity to connect with new generations.

The colors selection also plays a fundamental role, not only bringing the design system personality, but also making the new architecture simpler and easier to understand.

Achs and Achs Seguro Laboral brands remain green, honoring their legacy of over 65 years, communicating the same quality of service and respecting color as a market differentiator. Achs Salud takes on the blue, already easily associated with the segment, to communicate an accessible offer open to all. Achs Servicios adopts purple, seeking connection with the movement and agility of its service, bringing ownership and independence to the sub-brand.

The new shade of neon green is one of the elements that gives cohesion and unites the whole system. A vibrant color that works transversally and its present in all brands, bringing vitality to Achs.

Inspired by the strength of tradition and the courage to evolve, the brand’s institutional typography takes on a contemporary personality, without losing the balance between curves and straight lines present in the original logo. A set formed by a sans serif and a serif font, developed in partnership with Plau Design, enriches the system with more flexibility, originality through a modern and accessible contrast.

The illustrations, created by Chilean artist Tomas Olivos, add a perspective of local representation composed of a simple line, textured shading and a fun game of scales and proportions.

The new architecture and identity inaugurate a new era for Achs and the health system in Chile. From now on, a network of more than 80 Health Centers, the Hospital del Trabajador and more than 8 Clinics will operate in a hybrid way, serving affiliated workers and the entire community, with an affordable price proposal that reinforces the commitment from Achs with quality care that reaches more and more people.

“Today we can say with great pride that we are the most extensive care network in Chile, that goes from prevention to recovery, present at work and in every moment of life, with accessible health solutions that motivates people to take care of themselves”.

Juan Luis Moreno, Achs’ CEO.