Q&A with Tsutomu Igaki, Executive Officer of Omron

expert perspective

Tsutomu Igaki
Executive Officer
General Manager, Global Investor & Brand Communication Division
OMRON Corporation

How will the brand be positioned in future operations?

Now we are at a major turning point. Traditional values and new values clash, creating various conflicts, divisions and tensions. Brands are becoming increasingly important to companies that seek to continuously increase corporate value, even in these uncertain times. The brand of the future is moving toward a new era and will become a “compass” that indicates the direction of management, and a proof of “promise” and “trust” that connects stakeholders and companies.

As you strive for brand growth in this new era, what are viewpoints that need to be changed from the past, and what viewpoints haven’t changed?

Branding for marketing purposes, which is building “forecasts” from the perspective of the business that is currently addressed, such as customers and markets, will continue to be essential to growth. In the future, however, there will be an increase in the importance of “Purpose driven” corporate branding, which approaches companies with “backcasting” from the perspective of the future, such as their visions. It is important that the branding strategies of both are consistent globally. By placing OMRON Principles at the center of all key messages, Omron ensures that marketing and corporate messages are integrated.

What do you feel is most important when it comes to further increasing the value of the corporate brand?

It is important to return to the corporate philosophy. At our company, the OMRON Principles of “creating a better society through business” will continue to be the pivot for brand value improvement. We believe that it will become even more necessary to develop a branding strategy that is linked to the company’s vision and management strategy in order to further increase brand value and to evolve into an organizational structure capable of implementing this strategy, always with a long-term perspective.

Are there any specific actions you plan to take in order to grow your brand?

We are now discussing branding policies and strategies that will be formulated by “backcasting” based on the vision set forth in the new long-term management plan that will start in fiscal 2022. This will be announced internally and externally in February 2022.