Outside In Podcast:

Scott Uzzell, CEO, Converse: Leading and Listening During a Pivotal Moment


The importance of this moment isn’t lost on Scott Uzzell, the CEO of Converse. “How do I bring the unique experiences of being a Black man in America to help people around me, other executives, society, the consumers that care about and love our brand…to make us better?” Uzzell also recognizes that, as the CEO of a global brand, he has a responsibility to listen and learn from others from diverse backgrounds with different perspectives — and then, take bold action to create a more diverse and inclusive culture inside Converse and fight injustice and inequality outside of it. Uzzell joins the podcast to talk about what this moment means for him, what he’s learned while leading his company through unprecedented change, and why he thinks we’re about to see way more progress than we’ve seen before.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why the urgency of this moment demands that all CEOs “get off the couch” and do something
  • What Uzzell learned about being “color brave” from Mellody Hobson, Vice Chair of the Board of Starbucks
  • Why companies must confront and address tough political and racial issues
  • How influencers help shape the Converse brand in local markets and inspire product innovation
  • Why the original basketball sneaker is returning to the NBA — and aligning with creatively-driven athletes like Draymond Green and Kelly Oubre Jr.
  • The effects Covid-19 has had on the business and why Uzzell is optimistic about the future