Outside In Podcast

Scott Galloway and The Four: Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook


Scott Galloway is an expert on the companies that rule our world: Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. He wrote a bestselling book about it, called The Four. Galloway joins the podcast to discuss themes from the book, including how these companies rose to power, why each is so successful (and, in many ways, unstoppable), and what every marketer, brand, and business can learn from them.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How Amazon uses capital and customer centricity as its advantage
  • How Apple tapped the luxury playbook to get to a $1 trillion market cap
  • Is the duopoly of Facebook and Google too powerful?
  • Why physical experiences and distribution will soon replace traditional advertising
  • Netflix? Disney? What company will be part of “The Five”?