Outside In Podcast

Russell Glass, CEO, Headspace Health on Meditation and Mental Health Support for the Masses

The global mental health crisis is one of the greatest societal challenges of our time. Yet, despite the magnitude of the issue, many people lack the resources and support needed to cope with the stress and anxiety of daily life. “Mental health is probably the only condition where you’re asked to use the organ that’s having trouble to solve the problem,” says Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health, who credits his daily meditation practice with transforming his relationship with stress and anxiety. Now, as the CEO of Headspace Health, he’s on a mission to share this life-changing experience with others. Through the immensely popular Headspace mobile app, the company has brought mindfulness meditation to the masses. And, with its virtual mental health platform, Ginger, the company connects individuals with licensed therapists, behavioral coaches, and psychiatrists, providing personalized support, medication management, and evidence-based interventions. Russell joins the podcast to talk about how Headspace Health is breaking down barriers to mental health and wellness care and empowering people to live more balanced, mindful, and fulfilling lives.