Outside In Podcast

Rita McGrath: Inflection Spotting


Any company can detect early warning signs of a looming inflection point. They just need to know where to look and when to act. So says Columbia Business School professor and author Rita McGrath. She returns to the podcast for a discussion about her new book, Seeing Around Corners – giving advice on how to spot inflection points early, decide what to do, and get an organization on board. She shares stories of how companies like Nike, Netflix, and Microsoft have all taken advantage of inflection points, and common barriers to spotting them.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • What is an inflection point?
  • Advice for business leaders on how to position yourself at the “edges” of your organization
  • How inflection points make the “taken-for-granted assumptions about a business irrelevant”
  • The three inflection points that propelled Netflix to success — and the fourth one on the horizon
  • How Satya Nadella transformed Microsoft’s future by rethinking its “leading indicators”
  • Why climate change is one inflection point businesses can no longer afford to ignore

For more information, visit: Seeing Around Corners.