Outside In Podcast:

Nicholas Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, WIRED: The Big Questions Ahead of Us

Nicholas Thompson once wrote that WIRED’s purview is the future and that “the only way to think creatively about the future is with something like optimism.” But it’s hard to think optimistically right now. Our old ways of living have been fundamentally altered — and may never return. Nicholas joins the podcast to talk about the profound changes we’re all living through and the broad implications this pandemic will have for society, businesses, technology, governments, and our environment.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Reasons to feel optimistic about our future (and challenges that will need to be solved)
  • People’s perceptions of and attitudes towards Big Tech during this crisis
  • The perilous state of data privacy when our health is on the line
  • Are we experiencing a “work from home bubble” and overestimating the value of remote work?
  • Whether the environmental movement may lose momentum in the years ahead
  • How technologies like AI and blockchain may help build stronger governments and smarter policy
  • Why coronavirus has been bad for (poorly run) democracies

For more information visit: www.nickthompson.com