Outside In Podcast

Mel Selcher, CMO, LinkedIn: The Changing World of Work


The world of work is experiencing a seismic shift. After the stress and trauma of a global pandemic, people are questioning how, where, and why they work. That’s led to what many are calling The Great Resignation. People around the world are looking for new career opportunities as they begin to take stock of all aspects of their lives in order to find greater meaning and purpose. With 800 million global members and 50 million companies represented on its platform, LinkedIn is watching this shift happen in real time. In many ways, the platform and its users are humanizing work, and pushing companies to follow. Mel Selcher, LinkedIn’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, joins the podcast to discuss how companies are rethinking their working models, their culture, and their values — and what all business leaders should be doing to prepare for the future of work.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • The growing influence marketers and brand leaders have on a company’s ability to recruit and retain talent
  • How LinkedIn users are opening up to show their true selves and celebrate their vulnerabilities and, sometimes, failures on the platform
  • The early trends and data LinkedIn is seeing about changing jobs according to generation (e.g. Gen Z workers versus Baby Boomers)
  • How Gen Z is redefining what it means to be a professional and why companies need to rethink their cultures and values to align with them
  • The shift inside of companies to market towards talent and customers equally and why there shouldn’t be a separate consumer-facing brand and the employee-facing brand
  • Advice for companies as they navigate the tricky boundaries between personal and professional conversation
  • Advice for CEOs and others on how to engage, connect, and use LinkedIn to improve their leadership