Kellanova: Kellogg’s Next Chapter in Snacking Innovation and Sustainability

Charisse Hughes
SVP, Chief Growth Officer Kellanova

Following the split of Kellogg Company into two independent, publicly traded entities—Kellanova and WK Kellogg Co—the Kellogg’s brand has entered a new chapter with a fresh identity and resolute ambition. 

“We are starting from a position of strength rooted in a century-old legacy as we embark on a journey to achieve our vision of becoming the world’s best-performing snacks-led powerhouse,” Charisse Hughes, SVP, Chief Growth Officer of Kellanova said.  

Kellogg’s leading role in global snacking, international cereal and North American frozen foods is bolstered by a portfolio of iconic names—Pringles, Cheez-It, Pop-Tarts, Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, MorningStar Farms, Incogmeato, Gardenburger, Nutri-Grain, RXBAR, and Eggo—as well as a suite of beloved international cereal brands. 

The brand’s commitment to making innovative moves while still honoring its storied heritage extends to every aspect of operations, from dynamic marketing strategies and optimized supply chain systems to its approach to employee well-being and sustainability. 

“Our goal is to modernize every facet of our operations, from farm to table, without losing sight of our core values,” Hughes said. 

Kellanova seeks top talent that not only fosters an inclusive culture, but mirrors the diversity of its consumers to build an understanding and connection with varied audiences. Operating in over 180 markets requires a nuanced understanding of local cultures and tastes while still upholding a unified brand identity. 

Consumer insights and data analysis lead to innovations, such as the launch of the Pringles Harvest Blends collection, infusing iconic potato-based crisps with sweet potato and multigrains. AI and machine learning have also played a crucial role in enhancing the brand’s understanding of audiences, refining predictive models for purchasing and contributing to sustainability efforts through packaging line analytics and mitigating out-of-stock occurrences while minimizing waste. 

“Our in-store strategies are deeply rooted in actionable shopper insights,” Hughes said. “We’re not just filling shelves; we’re curating experiences.” 

Strategic partnerships and alliances drive a unified global Kellanova brand experience, capitalizing on partners’ strengths in distribution, R&D and consumer insights. AI aids in pinpointing collaborations that resonate with diverse consumer groups while retaining mass appeal. Analyzing online conversations helps identify the top 5% of brand partners, enhancing affinity, engagement and purchase intent, according to Hughes. Kellanova has leveraged AI to predict new flavor combinations from vast data points, accelerating market entry and ensuring a winning global snacking portfolio. Data–from product placement to promotions–ensures alignment with the consumer’s buying journey and curates their overall experiences.  

“We’re looking across paid, earned and owned channels to understand the effectiveness of our media, messages and engagement,” said Hughes. 

As Kellanova aims to usher in a new era of innovation and sustainable growth, it does so with consideration for its 117-year brand heritage. With the new integration of AI and predictive data models coupled with its long-held belief in customer centricity, Kellanova is bringing the future of snacking to consumers today. 

“We see it as our responsibility to extend their legacy while rejuvenating them for modern audiences,” Hughes said. “Our heritage isn’t just a story of the past; it’s a compass for the future.” 

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