Interbrand Thinking

Interbrand at Cannes 2023

Through 22 years of learning from Interbrand’s Best Global Brands, we’ve observed that the world’s most successful companies are marrying flawless interactions with fearless actions. They recognize that the role they are expected to play, and the impact they have in the world, elevates them beyond mere products into inspirational brand leaders. This combination of love and trust enables them to expand into new arenas by addressing a myriad consumer needs. In a landscape of perpetual change these super brands transcend category constraints and grow more than 4x faster than their competitors.

In our 2023 Cannes session at Omnicom Cove we explore these learnings and talk to three of the world’s most successful brands about how they are putting purpose into action. How they walk the talk and talk the walk. Hear how they are using their creativity to lead the discussion on topics ranging from climate change and sustainability to social division and human rights all while driving brand growth.