Intel: Putting the silicon in Silicon Valley

Rebecca Brown
VP Sales and Marketing, Intel

Known for “putting the silicon in Silicon Valley,” Intel is on a journey to evolve its brand marketing and storytelling. Over the last year, the semiconductor manufacturer has pivoted away from product-centric communications to lead with the features and benefits that matter most to its customers.  

Daniel Binns, Interbrand Global Chief Growth Officer and CEO North America, sat down with Rebecca Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing at Intel, to discuss Intel’s evolution and focus areas over the last year as well as what comes next for the longtime Best Global Brand.  

At the core of Intel’s new approach to storytelling is its brand purpose – to create world changing technology that improves the life of every person on the planet. Accompanying this bold purpose is an extended set of values that sit at the heart of the company – customer first, fearless innovation, results driven, One Intel, inclusion, quality and integrity. Together, these foundational elements of the Intel brand guide all of its interactions – with employees, with partners and with customers.  

“We have always had a customer first approach and prioritized innovation and results, and we have extended these values to encompass concepts like One Intel,” Brown said.We are unifying our efforts under a single voice, emphasizing inclusion, quality and integrity.” 

This brand-led approach to storytelling has helped Brown and her team streamline their content and communications, eliminating unnecessary content that dilutes the brand’s overall message. 

The “It Starts with Intel” campaign brings this transition to life, inviting customers, users, developers and partners to leverage Intel’s technology for innovative solutions across a variety of industries. 

Intel’s focus on making AI more accessible has also been a driving force for the company this year. In October, Intel launched its AI PC Acceleration Program with the ambition to bring artificial intelligence to over 100 million PCs by 2025. Intel is collaborating with over 100 independent software vendors to provide users with more than 300 AI-accelerated features aimed at strengthening PC experiences across gaming, security and content creation.  

Intel is working to balance speed with responsibility in its AI approach, creating the best outcomes for both people and planet. 

“How do we enable AI in a way that allows for explosive needs to compute, but do it in a way that is sustainable and good for the planet?” Brown said. 

Like many leading brands, Intel sees sustainability as an important priority. It has announced goals to attain net-zero greenhouse emissions and zero waste to landfills in manufacturing by 2023. Intel is aware of the semiconductor industry’s impact on the global economy and technological advancement at large, and as industry growth and demand for processing power continue to skyrocket, Intel continues to emphasize the importance of sustainable and secure supply chains. The company advocates for energy efficient hardware that would reduce IT-related emissions and has established several partnerships with the aim of developing more sustainable computing solutions.  

Over recent years, Intel also announced plans to invest in constructing new factories around the world in areas including Ohio, Poland, and Germany. Intel expects these factories to create thousands of long-term jobs, as well as thousands of construction jobs during the building process.  

As it looks to pioneer new technologies while optimizing the tech of today, Intel is well positioned to continue to grow its reputation for innovation, and to, as Brown said, “continue to embrace the future technologies expected to change our lives for the better.” 

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