Outside In Podcast:

Francesco Starace, CEO, Enel: A Renewable Future is Inevitable

Eliminating the world’s dependence on fossil fuels might seem like a farfetched goal. But to Francesco Starace, decarbonization is inevitable. As a nuclear scientist and the CEO of Enel, one of Europe’s largest energy companies serving 70+ million customers worldwide, Starace has seen firsthand the accelerated transition towards renewables over the past few years. It’s driven, he says, by digital transformation, innovation, and the economic viability of green energy. Global events, like the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, have only intensified this acceleration. Starace joins the podcast to discuss the future of energy, why “electrifying society” is achievable well before 2050, and the forces changing the way we consume (and produce) energy.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How the pandemic tested our energy systems by dramatically changing energy consumption overnight, and how grid operators successfully adjusted in real-time
  • Why bringing sustainable energy to Africa needs to be centered around metropolitan areas, where most people will live in the future
  • The complicated energy dynamic created by the war in Ukraine, and why it will require us to insulate ourselves from gas by whatever means possible
  • Why globalization isn’t going away; it’s “mutating”
  • The emergence of consumers as energy producers and why they will help fuel energy demand
  • Why the future of electrification won’t be possible without customer centricity