The Fragmented World of
Formula One

with Ellie Norman, Director of Marketing and Communications

“Data helps us deepen engagement with our purest fans by creating deeper experiences. For a more casual fan, the level at which we become relevant to them is through Netflix’s Drive to Survive.”

“Its better to have a point of view but know that you’re not going to make everyone happy.”

“Our ability to fragment actually
allows us to meet audiences on their level in their needs.”

“Formula 1 is a pretty expensive sport to get into, but esports provides accessibility. As a gamer, you are able to replicate exactly what our drivers experience is. During the pandemic when we had to postpone the Grand Prix, we held virtual versions, blending with other sports. This actually allowed our drivers to come through as characters and this has had a huge impact on our viewership – this was exactly what a Gen Z audience wanted.”