Best Global Brands 2020: Top growing brands

View from the inside

Amid global COVID-19 lock downs, Spotify, Netflix and Amazon are among the biggest risers in ranking. Notably, Microsoft has also entered the top three.

The fastest risers in 2020 (brands experiencing double digit % growth) significantly outperformed other brands on three Brand Strength factors – Empathy, Agility and Affinity.

Behind Microsoft’s incredible transformation is an extraordinary cultural shift, underpinned by empathy – regarded by Nadella as a leadership trait as much as a business priority and an innovation ethos, he connects the core of the business with customers’ needs through a deep sense of empathy.

Amazon, who invested over $28 billion on R&D in 2018, is making agility exponential. Powered by real-time data, AI and machine learning, its moves – from daily, one-to-one interactions to category changing Iconic Moves such as the introduction of the Prime membership – are effectively shifting fulfilment expectations in much of the world.

Spotify has developed deep affinity with customers. From its proposition, which promises to put the world’s music in your pocket, to its partnerships with platforms that are central to culture (mobile networks, gaming devices) perhaps its most iconic move is using its customer data to tell stories about how its embedded in the emotional and social lives of customers around the world.

Also of note: more than half of these brands have significant subscription model businesses.


1. Amazon


60% growth

2. Microsoft  


53% growth

3. Spotify 


52% growth

4. Netflix


41% growth

5. Adobe 


41% growth

6. PayPal 


38% growth

7. Apple


38% growth

8. Salesforce


34% growth

9. Nintendo


31% growth

10. MasterCard


17% growth

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