Best Global Brands 2020: New Entrants

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As the effects of COVID-19 ripple through the 100 Best Global Brands this year, we welcome three new entrants and two re-entrants in 2020.

The new entrants mirror the overall trend of a fractured society, in which we see huge uptake of brands that are designed to connect us. Furthermore, they reflect the wider trend of the table, the growth of which has primarily been driven by technology brands.

Social media and communication brands -have fared exceptionally well in the past 12 months, with Instagram (#19), YouTube (#30) and Zoom (#100) entering the rankings for the first time. Zoom’s market capitalization has risen 389% in 12 months. Its revenue is up 270% in the first half of the year and its brand has enjoyed enormous growth thanks to the accelerating digital transformation in consumers working lives. Instagram and Youtube have entered the rank this year thanks to improved financial reporting from Facebook and Alphabet.

Tesla has also re-entered the rankings at #40, having last appeared in the Best Global Brands table in 2017. Tesla’s market capitalization has risen 769% in 12 months, its revenue has risen 10% in six months and the production launch of the futuristic Cybertruck, as well as the launch of connected services and plans to roll out a “Tesla Network” of self-driving “robo-taxis,” has cemented the brand with its core customer group.

Johnnie Walker also re-enters in 2020. Though its market capitalization was affected by COVID-19 it remains a highly distinctive brand, with a newly updated visual identity.

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