Accenture: AI Revolution of Empowering Brands, Transforming Clients and Championing Inclusion

Jill Kramer
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture

As a prominent player in the global consulting and technology services arena, Accenture is making substantial investments in Gen AI. An Interbrand Best Global Brand since 2002, Accenture is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation while driving meaningful transformations for clients. 

At Accenture, brand investment isn’t a contentious issue, but rather a driving force behind value creation.  

“It’s less of an if you invest in a brand and more about where,” Jill Kramer, Accenture Chief Marketing and Communications Officer said, “and making sure we’re very transparent and inclusive in those decisions.”

The Accenture brand is not just a name; it is the essence that pervades their offices, informs their interactions with clients and shapes their partnerships. This commitment to the brand is guided by a purpose rooted in matching technology and human ingenuity seamlessly. 

“It’s about human brilliance enabled by technology to deliver something that you didn’t have before, something that makes you better than you were before,” Kramer said. 

Accenture’s core values and leadership essentials are ingrained in daily operations and reflected in its 360-Degree Value reporting experience. It provides a comprehensive view of performance in six key dimensions—Sustainability, Talent, Inclusion & Diversity, Client, Experience, and Financial—offering detailed insights into financial and ESG measures, as well as company goals and progress.

In the past year, Accenture has shifted toward reinvention, underscored at the World Economic Forum in Davos. It has recognized a shift in how businesses operate, moving from technology-driven transformations to holistic reinventions. Gen AI is playing a significant role in this reinvention, with Accenture investing $3 billion over three years to help clients swiftly and responsibly leverage AI for enhanced growth, efficiency and resiliency across industries. Accenture is also launching the AI Navigator for Enterprise platform and a Center for Advanced AI, doubling its AI talent to 80,000 people to deepen skills and capabilities in diagnostic, predictive and generative AI. In a further effort to help organizations adopt gen AI, Accenture has collaborated with SAP Software Solutions.  

Accenture is further expanding its AI initiatives through Writer. The platform uses gen AI to help companies create content in line with how they already operate, boosting productivity and effectiveness in areas like operations, product development, sales, marketing and people engagement. It also helps businesses safely use AI in content creation and get insights from their data. Notably, Accenture respects the artistry of marketing and creativity when integrating AI tools.  

For example – Kramer states – as a global company with 730,000 people that reaches across geographies and industries, Accenture puts a great amount of care into people engagement. A company of this size handles vast amounts of information, with Accenture employees receiving more than 475 million centralized emails in 2021 alone. It sought to find a way to harness the full power of data and AI to improve how it communicates with its people in a succinct, yet individual way.  

The solution, a now award-winning bi-weekly hyper-personalized newsletter called “Good Morning Accenture,” is partly a ‘to-do’ list, partly a morning ritual and a vital reminder of the things Accenture people need to do and know both individually and collectively in every part of the world.

“What we’re looking to do is ensure that we respect the craft of marketing, of creative,” Kramer said. “We use gen AI to make us faster, to take the tasks that keep us away from doing the work that we love and automate where we can and where we should, but we always preserve the core of human creativity in the process.” 

As AI comes into the picture, measuring and tracking the value of a brand becomes an increasingly complex process. Kramer states that she organizes her thoughts on tracking in four different areas: brand health surveys, creative performance assessments, bespoke measures and ongoing qualitative analysis. 

“I am not a big fan of testing work to produce,” Kramer said. “I am a fan of once you’ve produced it, deeply understanding what it did or didn’t do for your brand.” 

This comprehensive approach keeps Accenture attuned to the status of its brand amongst clients, stakeholders and future talent. 

“The purpose, the values, the leadership essentials…it’s all got to be applied regularly, internally and externally, to make them real brand and business assets,” said Kramer. With its strong presence and continued expansion with AI, Accenture is not just embracing change—it’s pioneering it.

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