Madonna di Campiglio: A single name and a new visual identity
created by Interbrand

Madonna di Campiglio and the vast area in western Trentino that stretches from Campo Carlo Magno to Lake Idro, with which it forms the same tourist region, together present: a single name, Madonna di Campiglio; a new visual identity, and an updated experience strategy all resulting from a collaboration with Interbrand brand consultancy.

The new logo is an ‘M’ with a contemporary design. It expresses the strong mountain identity of this region, the meeting place for two incredible natural wonders: the Adamello-Presanella granite massif, with Italy’s largest glacier; and the Brenta Dolomites, a World Heritage site. The graphic symbol and logotype highlight the centrality of Madonna di Campiglio, while at the same time describing the area as a whole and its diverse features.

Madonna di Campiglio, June 21st, 2021. It’s official: the tourist area in western Trentino, stretching from the Brenta Dolomites to Lake Idro, now has a single name and a new visual identity. Together they represent a place brand, which has Madonna di Campiglio as its hub and driving force, set among a unique, distinctive mosaic of resources in the places that make up its wider surroundings. It has the potential to attract new, increasingly segmented types of tourists.

The Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board chose to break with the past, as part of an ongoing project to renew the local brand that began some time ago and was recently developed further with the Strategic Destination Plan. Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board decided to implement this ambitious project with the help of leading brand consultancy Interbrand. Indeed, turning a logo into a brand is a complex process that means far more than simply associating a logo with a place.

Interbrand tackled the project by conducting an initial strategic analysis, based on an immersive audit and interviews with stakeholders. A set of detailed insights emerged, allowing Interbrand to define a growth trajectory for the Madonna di Campiglio brand and business, through an experience strategy. The strategy has the potential to engage with a wide range of stakeholders; in addition to residents and tourists, it also addresses the public administration and the Italian and international economic community. However, to embark on this journey it was important to ensure that the area’s multiple identities shared the same ambition: to promote the region’s natural assets with a sustainable approach, and to emphasise the area’s Italian character through a high-quality cultural offering. This is only possible through clear, consistent communication, based primarily on a distinctive visual identity. Interbrand translated this need into a coordinated image, starting with the logo, which conveys the values of the towns that make up the valley.

The new logo marks a departure from the previous one, used for many years. Its high-end look reflects contemporary minimalism, and it is formed by two elements: the ‘M’-shaped symbol and the ‘Madonna di Campiglio’ logotype.

The updated identity is embodied by the strong, clean graphic design. The two mountains represented in the ‘M’ reflect the current shift in the destination strategy: the mountains are alive all year round and their features make it possible to appeal vertically to clearly defined target groups of visitors, whether existing or potential, on the international market. They symbolise the meeting point between the majestic Brenta Dolomites and the solid Adamello-Presanello Alps; and they evoke one of the world’s most extraordinary mountain scenarios and underline the broad-ranging local identity where beauty is found in the convergence of opposites.

As such, the new logo meets the challenge of the Strategic Plan to “change from a recognisable logo to a brand based on content, working on multiple products and telling countless stories thanks to the people that bring it to life. Our area is broad and varied, and must be interpreted by working on a variety of positionings because our offering is as diverse as the people we are seeking to engage with”, explains the General Manager of the Tourist Board, Matteo Bonapace.

“The process of creating a place brand is one of the most interesting challenges in branding, given the social, economic and cultural objectives behind projects like this one”, says Lidi Grimaldi, Managing Director of Interbrand. “Having defined its new brand, Madonna di Campiglio has begun a growth journey based on a clear, unambiguous vision. It is expressed through a visual language and consistent experiences that have the power to engage with its stakeholders, both locally and at national and international level”.

The new logo is the image of a renewed tourist area; as a tool to allow more precise positioning and broader engagement, it puts its “signature” on the new storytelling about this destination. The aim is to reinforce a brand identity that can stand out from its competitors and be easily recognisable by the visitors being targeted.

Through this, and the new brand experiences that have been developed, we will tell the world that here, in Madonna di Campiglio and its surrounding highlands, “great things happen, where the mountains meet”.  

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About Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board

The Madonna di Campiglio Tourist Board (Azienda per il Turismo Madonna di Campiglio – APT) is company that is responsible for tourist promotion and development of a large area in the Italian Alps, in western Trentino, that stretches from the Campo Carlo Magno pass to Lake Idro, within the natural amphitheatre between the pinnacles of the Brenta Dolomites and the Adamello-Presanella granite massif (where the largest glacier in Italy is located) . Under various different names and legal forms, the organisation has been working in Madonna di Campiglio since the early twentieth century. The corporate structure of APT represents the local tourism system: the local councils and Adamello Brenta Natural Park in the public sector, and hoteliers, traders, tourism business owners and cable car operators in the private sector. At present one of the board’s key objectives is to update and reposition the destination brand on the national and international markets.

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