Led by Zara, the 2017 Best Spanish Brands reach new dimensions of global growth

Madrid, Spain January 18, 2018.- Zara, Movistar, and Banco Santander are the three most valuable brands of the 2017 Best Spanish Brands report published by Interbrand. “Dimensions” is the theme chosen for the seventh edition of this bi-annual report, which analyzes the 30 most valuable brands based in Spain and, for the first time, highlights five Brands to Watch in the immediate future. The theme of “Dimensions” refers to, on the one hand, the international dimension of Spanish brands’ growth and, on the other hand, the multidimensional strength of the brands themselves, which are built from multiple factors that reach all areas of the business, employees, and customers.

Gonzalo Brujó, Interbrand’s CEO of EMEA & LatAm, commented, “The Best Spanish Brands are among the global vanguard and on the verge of new important thresholds. Recognition and attention should be paid, both domestically and abroad. These thirty brands, together with the Brands to Watch, reveal the rich diversity and dimension of Spain and represent a full portfolio of sectors: financial services, technology, telecommunications, entertainment, fashion and retail, energy, sports, beverages, health, and hospitality. These brands, in several cases, have created their industries and many are a reference for global best practice.”

This is the first time that Inditex Group’s crown jewel, Zara, leads the ranking after its brand value grew by 45% to EUR €15,452m. It is followed by the transatlantic telco giant, Movistar, whose brand value fell to EUR €10,646m, despite new forays into producing branded content. Banco Santander maintains its ranking position by growing its brand value 20% to EUR €5,576m. Zara and Santander are currently the only two Spanish brands present in the annual Best Global Brands ranking, which is comprised of the 100 most valuable brands around the world. Financial services brand BBVA and fashion brand Bershka (also owned by Inditex Group) round out the Top 5 at #4 (EUR €4,694m) and #5 (EUR €1,415m) respectively.

Of the 30 brands featured in this year’s ranking, 24 show positive change in comparison to 2015’s values, which reflect the notable improvement and momentum of the Spanish economy. The three Top Growing Brands include fashion brand Zara (+45%), retail brand Mercadona (+31%), and Inditex’s apparel brand, Massimo Dutti (+29%). Two new entrants have broken into the ranking: Estrella Galicia and Sanitas, debuting at #27 and #29.

“The excellent performance of the Best Spanish Brands deserves even more merit if we take into account the context of the economic crisis that we’ve experienced in Spain. These great brands have managed to overcome formidable obstacles and get stronger along the way, adapting and pioneering new international business strategies with a clear commitment to technological innovation,” observed Nancy Villanueva, Managing Director of Interbrand Madrid. “In addition, Spain is home and headquarters to international brands that are leading the way in the ‘Grow.Change.Grow’ ecosystem: Banco Santander is the leading financial brand in the Eurozone; El Corte Inglés leads the department stores category in Europe; BBVA has developed the world’s best mobile banking app; Zara has established a new model in the global fashion industry; and Iberdrola is the leading producer of renewable energies in Europe. We feel really proud of the work that these brands are developing to become more and more relevant internationally.”


Interbrand’s Best Spanish Brands report identifies the most valuable Spanish brands by analyzing the many ways a brand benefits an organization—from delivering on customer expectations to driving economic value. Interbrand’s global methodology was the first brand valuation method to become ISO certified.

The ranking is based on a combination of attributes that contribute to a brand’s cumulative value:

Best Spanish Brands 2017

Position 2017 Brand Position 2015 Sector Value
Change in value
1 Zara 2 Apparel 15.452 45%
2 Movistar 1 Telecommunications 10.646 -12%
3 Banco Santander 3 Financial Services 5.576 20%
4 BBVA 4 Financial Services 4.694 11%
5 Bershka 5 Apparel 1.415 18%
6 Repsol 7 Energy 1.283 18%
7 CaixaBank 6 Financial Services 1.281 10%
8 Mercadona 10 Retail 1.252 31%
9 Massimo Dutti 12 Apparel 1.091 29%
10 Iberdrola 8 Energy 1.057 2%
11 Mapfre 9 Financial Services 1.025 5%
12 El Corte Inglés 13 Retail 823 1%
13 Mahou 14 Alcohol 749 7%
14 DIA 15 Retail 739 10%
15 Prosegur 16 Business Services 726 9%
16 Gas Natural Fenosa 19 Energy 548 6%
17 Real Madrid 20 Media 530 15%
18 Mango 11 Apparel 521 -39%
19 Bankia 17 Financial Services 505 -13%
20 Banco Sabadell 21 Financial Services 495 13%
21 FC Barcelona 22 Media 470 10%
22 SEAT 25 Automotive 340 18%
23 Cruzcampo 27 Alcohol 314 11%
24 Bankinter 26 Financial Services 313 9%
25 Endesa 23 Energy 303 -10%
26 Desigual 24 Apparel 288 -8%
27 Estrella Galicia NEW Alcohol 288 NEW
28 San Miguel 28 Alcohol 258 -6%
29 Sanitas NEW Healthcare 250 NEW
30 Mutua Madrileña 30 Financial Services 240 1%

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