The Juventus visual identity created by Interbrand will be showcased in the “L’Art du Sport” exhibition at the Center du Graphisme (France) – exploring the link between sport and visual arts.

Photo credit: David J. Richalet

Turin, Italy, February 21st, 2020 – The historic path of Juventus Football Club is studded with successes and bold turns. In 2017 it changed announced a growth plan focused on its brand and developed with Interbrand. The brand identity that was created supports this strategy and is able to interact with a wider, more global audience, not just football fans. Today this identity, whose centerpiece is the J icon, (the expression of the essence of Juventus), the J of its name, the stripes of its jersey, and the Scudetto shield – is featured at the “L’Art du Sport” exhibition, organized by the Center du Graphisme (Échirolles, France), from February 21st to September 20th 2020.

“L’Art du Sport” features 150 works representing the excellence of sport visual communications. It will feature publications, illustrations, photographs, artwork and visual identities to retrace some of the milestones of visual communications in sport. It will showcase a breadth of art in sport: from the works of Eduardo Arroyo for the España 82 World Cup, to those of Phil Galloway for the 2018 World Cup, to the posters signed by international artists for the Roland Garros tournament and to Philippe Guillotel’s illustrations of the costumes for the Olympic games from Albertville.

In this context, the identity created by Interbrand for Juventus represents an example of how to build a global icon capable of expressing itself powerfully in any context (be it sports or entertainment) in the physical and digital spaces.

L’Art du Sport
February 21st, 2020 – September 20th 2020
Visiting hours: from Monday to Friday 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm; Saturday and Sunday 2:00 pm to 6:00
Centre du Graphisme
Place de La Liberation
38130 Échirolles (France)

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