Interbrand Releases First-Ever Best Asia Brands Study: Engage to Grow

Points of view drawn from research conducted by Interbrand across the Asia-Pacific

Singapore (August 1, 2017)— For the first time, Interbrand has carried out a comprehensive analysis of the best brands in Asia. The 2017 study compiles insights from Best Japan Brands, Best China Brands, Best Korea Brands and Best India Brands, while delving into how brands are growing within Australia and the markets of Southeast Asia also.

The study points to the growth of each major Asian market, as determined by Interbrand data conducted over the last five years. Analysis and research highlights that we have entered a period of accelerating change, or a new age. An over-riding theme that has emerged centers around: changing consumer behavior, digitization and how brands are responding, or are not responding, to these changes.

In the overview, Interbrand’s Chief Executive Officer for Asia-Pacific, Stuart Green, notes that due to rapid technological advancement and demographic shifts, customer expectations are changing, and addresses the opportunities for Asian brands moving forward.

Stating that, “Each market in the Asia region has its own unique way of conducting business and its own unique cultural characteristics. Brands in Asia will win and engage better with customers if they use big data in a more meaningful way.”

Green believes that tech companies more than most are leading the way in this respect by leveraging technology tools in ways that are relevant to consumers, to drive choice, loyalty, and ultimately better business performance.

The study also highlights insights from interviews with key business leaders from some of Asia’s most successful brands, such as Rakuten, KIA, Telstra and Aviva.

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This release can also be read in French and Spanish.