Japan’s first award to evaluate “branding”

Interbrand Japan announce the winners of the Japan Branding Awards 2022

  • The “Best of the Best” award went to Ajinomoto and Marugame Seimen
  • Money Forward and SANU awarded “Rising Stars”
  • ABeam Consulting, BOTANIST, Fujitsu Uvance, GAMBA OSAKA, KATE, and Sophie #NoBagForMe awarded “Winners”

Interbrand Japan (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Masahito Namiki), Japan’s largest branding company, has established the Japan Branding Awards, the first awards in Japan to evaluate branding, and announced the winning 2022 brands for its fifth annual Awards. 

These Awards were established to support the further growth of companies and organizations that are developing brand strategies by recognizing entities (companies, organizations, businesses, products, and services) that are implementing excellent branding, introducing their activities, and sharing them widely with society.

At Interbrand, we believe that key to a company’s business success is not only its technological, service, and product capabilities, but also how it can build brand value through these capabilities. We believe that branding does not simply mean advertising and promotional activities, but rather that the entire organization must understand the value of the brand and the importance of these activities, and must work together as one to establish a strong brand, which will lead to mid- to long-term business growth.

In these Awards, 10 brands were selected and announced based on a composite analysis and evaluation of the organic linkage of their respective activities and their contribution to generating positive effects, from the perspective of overall marketing activities, including brand strategy and experience base building, creative development, and communication activities.

Award-winning brands

Best of the Best:

Overall, particularly outstanding efforts among the award-winning brands

  • Ajinomoto (Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)
  • Marugame Seimen (Marugame Seimen, Inc.)

Rising Stars:

Outstanding and original initiatives that have achieved significant growth through branding

  • Money Forward (Money Forward, Inc.)
  • SANU (Sanu Inc.)


Excellent among the applied brands

  • ABeam Consulting (ABeam Consulting Ltd.)
  • BOTANIST (I-ne Co., Ltd.)
  • Fujitsu Uvance (Fujitsu Ltd.)
  • KATE (Kao Corporation) Sofi #NoBagForMe (Unicharm Corporation)

Japan Branding Awards 2022 Judging and Selection Process Overview


Interbrand Japan, Inc.

Review Committee:

Chairman of the Jury: Masahito Namiki, President and CEO, Interbrand Japan, Inc.

Vice-Chairmen of the Judging Committee:

  • Satoshi Akutsu, Professor of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi Business School
  • Risa Tanaka President, Professor, Business Design Graduate University / Director, Media & Information, Sendenkaigi, Co., Ltd.
  • Kazufumi Nagai President, HAKUHODO DESIGN Inc.

Jury members: Office Leaders, Interbrand Japan, Inc.


The branding of companies, businesses, services, and products are covered.

  1. Companies apply where they have a single business or have only a single service or product.

2. Companies with multiple businesses, services, or products, apply on a division basis (multiple divisions from the same company may apply).

Applicant Qualifications:

Applicants must be Japanese companies, foreign-affiliated companies doing business in Japan, and various corporations and organizations. There are no restrictions on the size of the company or business unit. Applications are self-recommended by the respective corporations/organizations. We do not accept applications recommended by others, applications on behalf of advertising companies, PR firms, etc., or applications by individuals.

Timeframe for branding review:

Activities over the past three years (April 2019 – June 2022).

Selection Process:

The selection process is in three stages.

  • First and second rounds: Based on the application documents, successful companies proceed to the third round. (The first selection is based on a simple format, while the second selection is based on a detailed description of the applicant’s activities.)
  • Third round selection: With the aim of conducting more in-depth selection regarding the uniqueness and differentiation of strategies and the process from strategy development to communication development, we conduct interviews with companies and businesses that have passed the second round selection, and select and announce the winning companies and businesses.

Selection Criteria:

From the perspective of the overall content of the activities, including the establishment of the strategy and experience base, creative development, and communication activities, a composite evaluation is made as to whether each activity is executed promptly and contributes to creating an effect through a fixed-term linkage.

Judging Perspectives:

We believe that the key to successful branding lies in two perspectives: whether or not the necessary elements are incorporated into the efforts to build a foundation for strategy & experience and provide a place for experience, and whether or not the penetration of these elements is quickly and organically connected, shared, and deployed both internally and externally.

This award focuses on four initiatives and the results achieved through these initiatives, which are analyzed and evaluated according to the evaluation viewpoints and evaluation points.

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