Interbrand and Talkwalker unveil the 10 most beloved iconic brands in Latin America 2021

  • Conversations about 1,228 brands globally were analyzed on social networks and internet, then we emphasize on LATAM to discover how brands such as Lego, Nike, Apple, Netflix, among others, have become the most loved in the region.
  • We conduct a visual and positioning analysis of various touchpoints of the brands to understand the kind of movements they have carried out, including their innovations, personality, as well as spotting images that show how they are used by the consumers in daily expression influencing their culture.

The disruption resulting from the pandemic has shaken all brands, however, there are those who weathered the storm and found opportunities to strengthen relationships with consumers, adapting to changing circumstances and new demands, coming out of confinement stronger and more beloved than ever.

Get to know the full report and the criteria used to determine the most iconic and beloved brands in the region

Last year, Talkwalker, a global social media and internet listening and analysis company, defined brand love as an emotional connection that strengthens the relationship between the company and the consumer. This year, in partnership with Interbrand, both conducted an in-depth analysis around brand love and iconicity to unveil the 10 most beloved iconic brands in Latin America over the past year.

Talkwalker analyzed the conversations of about 1,228 brands globally, on social media, news, blogs, forums and more, and identified those brands that consumers were most involved with. Then, with the research and methodology developed by Interbrand, they delved into the criteria that make a brand iconic and loved by consumers.

These are some of the brands that managed to stand out among the criteria of brand love and iconicity, and that also managed to establish a strong connection with current trends and knew how to take advantage of the opportunities arising from the crisis of the last year, showing a flexible strategy that allowed them to adjust the course to be successful:

  • Nike: Has earned its place as one of the most beloved iconic brands because it has understood the true insights behind any sportsperson. For Nike, every person with a body is an athlete and keeps its mission alive through a customer-centric approach and a strong innovation culture that has led to understand a broad spectrum of consumers through its products.
Most used emojis by consumers related to Nike on social networks stand out for their mentions associated to joy and love.
  • Lego: It source of inspiration are the children knowing that the future of the world depends on them, Lego mission is inspired to support their growth, development and learning through fun. Over time Lego has managed to successfully transcend their primary consumers, currently appealing to a multi-generational audience.
  • Apple: Has become a symbol of innovation and design, inviting people to think differently, to build a different relationship with technology, thinking from utility but also from beauty and intuitive functionality.
  • Netflix: Continues to be the world’s streaming leader, its popularity transformed the brand to a streaming icon, and it has won the hearts of its consumers because it knows how to listen. In Latin America Netflix managed to adapt its social media posts using a close and friendly tone that reflects his creative, casual and daring personality, which compared to the rest of competitors generates more empathy with the audience.
Sentiment analysis by Netflix Latin America between June 2020 and March 2021
  • Rappi: Since its launch in 2015, Rappi has gradually diversified and has become the Latin American super app where supermarkets, restaurants, clothing stores, travel and more coexist. This digital ecosystem creates bridges between different categories and aims to encompass in one place any need that its users may have.
The main topics related to Rappi in Latin America between July 2020 and April 2021.
Get to know the rest of the top 10 brands and the methods they use to build iconicity and brand love

Brand love is all about getting to know the audience; of focusing on the customer and understanding what matters to them and incorporating it into the marketing strategy. Fortunately, this cycle of confinement is ending and there is a possibility that normalcy will return, whatever that implies.

Every brand has the opportunity to come out of this race by connecting better than before with consumers. This is an opportunity to rethink, strategize and rebuild brands and become one of the most beloved and iconic.

If you want to know more about how to build a connection of love with your brand, join us at the webinar Rappi: 6 years to reach the top 10 of the most beloved iconic brands in Latam that we will have on June 22 at 11am CST in a panel with Rappi, Interbrand and Talkwalker.You can register here.

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