Interbrand and IAA presents the Next Generation Italian Icons study

Innovation is a key driver of growth, and is increasingly necessary to be relevant in the eyes of the next generation of consumers.

Milan, April 2022 – Interbrand, a global leader in brand consultancy and International Advertising Association (IAA) Italy, the most significant international community of marketing and communication leaders worldwide, launches the Next Generation Italian Icons study. The project aims to analyze brands that have demonstrated an exceptional ability to innovate, thus contributing to economic, environmental, societal and cultural debates in Italy.

In the current market, innovating means redefining people’s expectations, instinctively understanding and anticipating what they want, and reformulating experience and interaction using new interpretative methodologies. In other words, taking action and pursuing strategies that enable the subversion of competitive equilibria and achievement of impressive economic results. Innovation is the driver of growth that allows start-ups to break into the international market and established brands to consolidate their relevance. As part of this study, Next Generation Italian Icons will analyze both businesses that have entered the economic scene in recent years and brands that are already leaders in their market, but that have embraced an innovative direction with unexpected products, valuable partnerships, new processes etc.

“In a constantly changing social and market context, only brands that have a clear point of view and are able to build an ecosystem of products, services and experiences by involving their target audiences can win the competitive challenge” says Lidi Grimaldi, Managing Director at Interbrand Milan.

“Iconic brands must be able to engage with all stakeholders, creating value for each and every one – comments Stella Romagnoli, Executive Director IAA Italy Chapter – through innovation, empathy and quick action. This initiative aims to inspire all brands.”

Next Generation Italian Icons is based on an integrated approach that combines Interbrand’s proprietary methodology – which investigates a brand’s ability to understand consumer expectations, create unique experiences, and achieve significant economic results – with a qualitative analysis of communication skills by IAA. The result is an assessment of the brand’s potential in a highly competitive and constantly evolving market.

The study will be conducted on brands that apply via by April 30th, 2022 and will include additional analysis of businesses operating in the Italian market, conducted by Interbrand and IAA experts based on criteria established by Next Generation Italian Icons.

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