Announcing the winners of Interbrand’s Japan Branding Awards 2019

Tokyo, Japan (September 25 2019) — Interbrand Japan, Inc., the largest branding company in Japan, established the Japan Branding Awards, the first award to evaluate branding in Japan, in 2018. Today they announce the brands that received the awards for 2019. These awards honor the excellent branding activities of organizations (corporations, groups, services, and products) and introduce them to the world to support their continuing growth.
Interbrand thinks that the key to successful business for a corporation is not just the technology or the services and products it has, but its ability to build brand value. Branding is not merely advertising and publicity. Interbrand believes that it is vital that the whole organization understands the worth and value of its brand, and performs actively together on this understanding. This will establish a strong brand, which in turn creates long-term business growth.

The Japan Branding Awards 2019 selected 10 brands from the viewpoint of their entire marketing activities, including building brand strategy/an experience base, creative development, and communication activities, analyzing and evaluating how each activity connects organically to contribute to the effect of the brand.

Best of the Best (brands that are especially impressive in their overall activities)

Winners (brands that have great activities)

Rising Stars (brands that create significant growth through branding, with excellent originality)

Japan Branding Awards 2019: judgment & selection summary:

Requirements for application:

Japanese or foreign-owned enterprises, corporations, organizations, and groups that develop businesses in Japan. There are no restrictions regarding the scale of the corporation and business departments.
Only self-recommendation from corporations, organizations, and groups are accepted.  Recommendation from third parties, and applications by advertising/PR companies or individuals are not accepted. Duration: activities from the past 3 years.

Judgement and process:

The selection process has two consecutive stages.
1st screening: Judged by document research.
2nd screening: Interviews are performed with the corporations and businesses that passed the first screening. They are judged in depth, considering the originality of their strategy, the superiority of their distinctiveness, and their processes from strategy to communication.

Criteria for evaluation:

Each activity is judged on how its organic connection contributes to the effect of the brand from the viewpoint of the brand’s entire marketing activities, including building brand strategy/an experience base, creative development, and communication activities.

For more information, please contact:

Interbrand Japan, Inc. Representatives: Nakamura, Yamamuro, Okamoto, Saito

Japan Branding Awards 2019 Committee:Hiroi, Miyaki, Wada, Aoyama

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