Reimagining time

ORA Developers

ORA Developers

Office: Madrid

As Egypt’s most emblematic company in the real estate industry, ORA Developers is responsible for some of the country’s most luxurious residential and leisure developments. In order to leverage its brand as an asset to build meaningful relationships with customers while transcending the industry’s limits and moving into the luxury lifestyle, ORA decided to partner with Interbrand. The objective was to define an iconic narrative that encapsulated the dreams and aspirations of its existing and future clientele.

By turning a complex organization with multiple go-to-market brands (that held up ORA’s awareness and equity) into a hybrid and endorsed architecture model led by the masterbrand, the company defined a renewed vision capable of transforming a traditional development company into an enabler of happiness and extraordinary lifestyle solutions for its communities. By reimagining the way people live, ORA went beyond the concept of luxury and leveraged the value of time as its distinctive brand speech. An idea that set the foundations of its ambition: to deliver unmatched experiences that reflect the human aspirations of self-realization.

​Excellence, balance, and joy are key values of the new brand equation. Getting its community of clients to reevaluate each moment, while making timelessness the USP is part of the new brand narrative. It all comes to life through a renewed verbal and visual expression that underlines the uniqueness of best-in-class architectural projects.

Inspired by Egypt’s legendary and monumental legacy, the new brand aims to seduce through its simple yet sophisticated rendering. Anchored in geometry, the new logo relies on extreme simplicity to communicate its timeless nature. The new color palette features primary colors that convey luxury, emotion, and sophistication. ORA’s new corporate typography is URW Geometric, a sans serif typeface inspired by the German geometric typefaces of the 1920s but designed for modern usability.​

ORA’s unique personality and ambition for the future are represented through the main key visual: lines that talk about the passing of time and movement and are present across the brand’s communications to reinforce the ‘Reimagining Time’ concept. ​The brand world is completed by a customized photographic, pictogram, infographic, and illustrative style that provides flexibility and differentiation to the whole expression. ​

The new brand was launched across social media channels and became the most successful social campaign for ORA Developers to date, receiving +34M impressions and +10M views.