Experiments in Living

Welcome to Dwell: Experiments in Living, an Arena about the future of how we live, where we live, and why we live there. It’s about how where we dwell allows us to be who we are – and who we want to be.

When it comes down to it, all brands are in the business of life at home. Whether you’re a tech company, a health company, a food company or a home furnishing company (and arguably IKEA is across all of these), you have to acknowledge that home is the starting point of everyday life. Life at home, then, is not just a marketing category, but something that cuts across every single interest we have as brands and as companies.”

Katie McCrory, Communications Leader, IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) & Curator of the IKEA Life at Home Report

We invite you to participate in an exclusive, private screening of our latest Dwell Arena documentary, featuring expert perspectives and consumer opinions from around the world. In this private 60-minute session, we share our film content and discuss the implications for your team and your business. You’ll have a chance to meet the Interbrand team behind the Dwell Arena and think through how our insights can help your business make its next Move.

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In this report you’ll meet urban micro-farmers, tiny-home-on-wheels builders, circadian lighting addicts, snowbirds and nomads. You’ll learn about biophilic boosts, meta-mirrors for exercising at home, co-living developments and much more.

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