The need
to lead on climate

Introducing The Climate Conflict

Better for people, profit and planet

The world isn’t changing fast enough to slow the pace of climate change.

Issues related to the climate crisis are converging with those of brand leadership, meaning decisions are more complicated, there are more stakeholders involved and there is heightened risk overall.

We believe this convergence also creates opportunity for bold brand leadership but recognise that the path to achieving it is paved with conflicts – the competing agendas of politics; the trade-offs between business decisions; the push and pull of conflicting ideologies, priorities and ideas that divide people; confuse the masses; and generally, maintain the status quo.

Interbrand helps companies cut through the conflicts to take a market leading stance on climate – creating brands that are good for people, planet and profit.

A science-backed, consumer-inspired solution for brands

To better understand how to create ‘Better’ brands, we worked with the United Nations Development Programme, the National Academy of Sciences, and a group of 6 Best Global Brands to co-create with 1000+ people in 12 cities, representing 50+ nationalities on 6 continents. The work included people from all demographics as well as climate activists and deniers.

We found that at the heart of the problem is conflict – between competing thoughts, feelings and actions – stalling the speed and urgency of climate-positive change.

Brands – as powerful narratives – can offer paths to break through the conflicts and create a new era of “green demand” for ideas, products and experiences that are better for business, people and planet.

Interbrand gives clients confidence to think beyond the conflicts; to break through three of the biggest underlying conflicts holding back the pace and scale of changing climate change for the better: Conflicts of Narrative; Conflicts of Action; and Conflicts of Leadership.

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Breaking through the Climate Conflict

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